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Total War: Warhammer III Leaked Screenshots Reveal Katarina Is Iceman, Basically

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May 4 2021

Official news about Total War: Warhammer III might be on hiatus for the next little while, but as Dr. Ian Malcolm says leaks…uhh…find a way.

The internet is a bastion of information that was founded on the idea that information wants to be free. At least that’s what most people will tell you while they download emulated copies of their favorite GameCube games to try and recapture the luster of a misspent youth without waiting for Nintendo to decide that, you know what, it’s worth it to rerelease Rogue Squadron again.

All that to say, things happen on the internet that might be better left unhappened, but on rare occasions you get a glimpse at secret knowledge that heralds a wondrous future. Which is exactly what happened today when some leaked screenshots and a “battle report” of a Total War: Warhammer III were reportedly leaked on 4chan, and quickly disseminated from there to all the usual Total War hotspots.

Barricades! How exciting–this also shows off the wave/horde survival mode, which many have feared would take the venerable series too close to the moba-esque territory that other RTS series in the Warhammer-verse strayed into, but instead the leaker reports that it plays really well:

Basically, you had to go through the map with your forces and secure capture points, while being assaulted by waves upon waves of chaos. Kinda reminded me of some historical battles from other games, like Teutoburg in Rome 2, but with actual mission objectives. Battle was wild af, by the time my first units got to the last objective, I was still skirmishing near the first one.

let me just say that survival battles still play like TW battles, just far longer and micro-intense. I didn’t see how they interact with the campaign, but I doubt you end them with your spawned units still in your army.

Things are really looking up for the Old World. Release day can’t get here soon enough!


What do you think of the new pictures?

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