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Warhammer 40,000: Adeptus Mechancius Forge World Rules Run Down

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May 17 2021

Games Workshop is pulling the covers off the new Adeptus Mechanicus book with a look at all the forge worlds and a ton of rules.

The Ad Mech book is almost here and today we’re getting a run down of some of the rules from the various forge worlds. The Scions of the Machine are on the move so let’s dive in with these rules previews!

via Warhammer Community

“Every forge world has its own dogma to represent the overall demeanour, a unique Stratagem, a Warlord Trait, and access to special Relics, called Arcana Mechanicum. Let’s break down a few of the differences that make the forge worlds distinct from each other. “



Mars is the center of the Ad Mech religion. They are a reliable fighting force and have well supplied and trained troops.


These are just a few of the benefits of an Ad Mech army from the Forge World of Mars. As GW puts it:

Summary: The archetypal model that others aspire to. Good at absolutely everything.”

If you don’t know which Ad Mech Forge World to call home, just start here.



“Forge World Lucius employs many materials and technologies that are virtually unknown elsewhere, secrets that it jealously guards. Its weapons and wargear perform statistically better than most, a trait for which it’s justifiably proud.”

This Forge World is good at absorbing small arms fire better than most. Furthermore, their units have a range advantage over everyone else with the same guns. If you’re looking for a tough gunline army that can sit slightly further back and shoot – then this Forge World just might have your loyalty.


“Under constant threat for centuries, due to their proximity to the Eye of Terror, the armies of Agripinaa are famed for their grim resolve in the face of all enemies.”

That extra AP is pretty nice at half-range. This Forge World is great at getting up close and getting the job done. Especially against armor.



“Nothing is forbidden in the pursuit of efficiency, and no bodily modification too grotesque. Though the means may be unsavoury, nobody can doubt their effectiveness in the heat of battle.”


It’s an Ad Mech army that has some psychic defense and they are pretty tough to take out through combat attrition.

Stygies VII

“Secretive to a standard that’s off-putting even to other devotees of the Machine Cult, the Tech-Priests of Stygies VIII keep their deeds and motivations close to their metallic chests. They also make use of mysterious (some may say forbidden) technologies to mask their movements and scramble enemy scanners and sensors. “


If you’re looking for the sneakiest Forge World option, you just found it. Extra cover at range and some nice deployment shenanigans to work with.


“Do not mistake their aggressive tactics for hesitancy to unleash firepower at range. Their willingness to experiment off and on the battlefield has led to the creation of some exceptionally destructive guns, though they might not be able to replicate them.”

Close combat and plasma? Check and Check! Ryza wants to get in there and get their hands dirty.


Using sound and fury as a weapon unto itself, the shock and awe of their assault can break the will of the foe even as their guns spit hot death.”

Forge World Metalica marches on to war as an unending tide. No move/shoot penalties for Assault or Heavy Weapons and they can also deny overwatch shots. If you want an army that is going to keep moving and firing accurately, Metalica hits those notes!

Custom Forge Worlds

If you want to create your own Forge World (for whatever reason) you start by choosing one of four Primary Dogmas and then you can specilize and refine those further with Secondary Dogmas. In GW’s example, they used these:

There are LOTS of options to choose from so once you get the book in hand give these custom options a spin and see what you can come up with.


Codex Adeptus Mechanicus is up for Pre-order this weekend!

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