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Warhammer 40K Next Week: Adeptus Mechanicus Get New Codex And Minis, New Astartes, New Necrons, And More

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May 16 2021

It is an avalanche of new 40K pre-order releases, with the Adeptus Mechanicus getting loads of new updates along with Marines, Necrons, and Lelith Hesperax.

In the grim darkness of the distant future where there is only war, one faction is dedicated to manufacturing the weapons of the future by unearthing the technological secrets of the past. As much machine as mand, the Adeptus Mechanicus are devotees of the Omnissiah, and they are getting a massive wave of new releases this next weekend. Check it out.

First up the new Ad-Mech Codex, which includes all the updated rules you’ll need to bring your Adeptus Mechanicus army to the cutting edge. And accompanying that you’ll find all the usual accessories: datacards, themed dice, and so on, but this time there’s also a new Combat Patrol box:

Featuring a Tech-Priest Enginseer, an Onager Dunecrawler, three Kataphron Destroyers (or Breachers), and a squad of 10 Skitarii Rangers (or Vanguard), this box has everything you need to make a 20 Power Level force, all for less than buying the units individually.

You might also pick up a new leader model, the Skitarii Marshal. These are among the most senior Skitarii, whose mastery of augmetics and the battlefield distinguishes them among their peers. If you want to see that mastery in action, you’ll have plentiful ways to do so, either on the battlefields of 40K, or–as GW has announced–on your Tablet or iPad:


Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus, the X-Com meets 40K mashup that sees you leading a squad of Mechanicus forces deep into the heart of a Necron Tombworld is now available on whatever dataslate you use, look for it on the app store.

Of course, the Ad-Mech aren’t the only ones getting a new releases this week. The Drukhari, Astartes, and Necrons all have their own new stuff coming up for pre-order, starting with one of the most deadly duelists this side of a Commorragh fighting pit, Lelith Hesperax, who is now available individually:

Necrons also see some reinforcements that were previously only available as part of a battlebox: the Chronomancer and new Flayed Ones are now available on their own.

As the saying goes, what’s good for the Necron is good for the Astartes (pretty sure that’s accurate), so the Astartes out of Kill Team: Pariah Nexus are also now available separately as well, bringing you Heavy Intercessors and a Captain in Gravis Armour.


Of course why settle for a kill team when you could also have a Combat Patrol? Both Necrons and Astartes get new Patrol Detachments in a box:

The Necrons set includes a choice of 10 Immortals or Deathmarks, and a Night Scythe or Doom Scythe, as well as a unit of swift Tomb Blades and an Overlord to lead them.

Meanwhile, the Space Marines force comprises a unit of 10 Infiltrators or Incursors, an Impulsor to carry them, a Lieutenant in Phobos Armour to lead them, as well as units of 3 Eliminators and 3 Suppressors for some hefty fire support.

All this is up for pre-order next week


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