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Warhammer 40,000: Morvenn Vahl Rules Preview

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May 10 2021
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The Adepta Sororitas are getting a new leader in Morvenn Vahl. Let’s take a closer look at her upcoming rules!

The past week had a TON of amazing reveals for upcoming products from Games Workshop. One of the big reveals was the announcement of Morvenn Vahl, a new character for the Sisters of Battle. Not only is she getting a crazy new model, she’s got some solid rules to back it up on the tabletop.

via Warhammer Community

“Morvenn Vahl is one of the youngest Battle Sisters to ever occupy the position of Abbess Sanctorum, the supreme commander of the Adepta Sororitas. Chosen by the Ecclesiarch in the vain hope of securing a malleable and inexperienced pawn, Vahl instead took to her appointment with the faith and zeal that had served her well in the Celestant order.”

The Stats

Morvenn Vahl is rocking a Paragon Warsuit of the finest make. It’s known as the Purgator Mirabilis and was restored to fighting glory by none other than the Fabricator General of Mars himself.

That said, look at those stats! Vahl is no slouch across the board! And those are just the base stats I’d bet money she’s got some wargear that will augment those even higher.


Not only does this model have a 2+ armor save, she’s also got a 4++ invulnerable save AND a 4+ “Feel No Pain” on top of that. And if you thought that wasn’t enough, she’s ALSO got an ability that decreases the damage of attacks by 1/2 (rounding up). Yikes! She’s going to be one durable unit on the tabletop.

As for her weapon systems – check these out:

For each attack, you can pick which type of strike you want to use and each are perfectly suited to bring the pain to your opponent’s units. Having the option to go for multiple attacks OR a big hit is great!


You didn’t think those were just there for show, did you? No – those missiles are active and have the option for basically a Frag or Krak missile shot. And let’s not forget about that heavy bolter she’s packing, too.

Not Just A Front Line Fighter

Morvenn Vahl is also a great commander. While she might prefer to lead the charge herself, she’s also good at rallying the troops around her.

An Aura for re-rolling 1s to hit and wound for Adepta Sororitas Core units within 6″? Check! Or perhaps you’d like a more direct command with a flat re-roll for hits and wounds on a specific unit? She can do that, too.

Vahl is going to be quite a noteworthy addition to the Sisters of Battle army so get ready for her to pave the way on a new Crusade!

What do you think of the new Morvenn Vahl model and her rules? Are you looking forward to adding her to your collection?


Author: Adam Harrison
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