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Warhammer 40K: Adepta Sororitas – More Miracles And Rules Preview

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May 31 2021
Warhammer 40K

The Sisters of Battle are getting a new codex and to go along with that they are getting some extra miracle powers and more.

This weekend the Adepta Sororitas are getting a new codex. To go along with that, Games Workshop is teasing out some of their new rules. To kick things off, we’re getting a look at their new Blessings of the Faithful:

via Warhammer Community

“Particularly noteworthy Canonesses and Palatines (such as Erika Luminas who debuted in Piety and Pain) are sometimes rewarded with a divine blessing from the Emperor Himself, manifesting as a glowing light, angelic wings, supernatural powers, or in the case of a Living Saint, all of the above.  

Now, the leaders of your armies can take on one of these blessings and bathe the battlefield in divine light.”

Much like previous codexes, players will be able to pay for the specific upgrade to a unit they want. For a nominal boost in points these units will gain access to specific blessings. Now, the blessings themselves are also two-part extensions of their rules. The first part of the blessing is an “always on” ability. The second is only used when spending a Miracle die. Also, depending on the value of the Miracle die, the range of the ability may also be extended. But for now, let’s get a look at an example blessing:

One more thing to note is that each blessing can only be used once per battle.


Stratagem Updates

Some now iconic Stratagems are returning in the next codex. There will also be some tweaks and new ones to use as well. Here’s a trio that Games Workshop is showing off today:

Faith and Fury is back and it’s now only 1CP. That should help your Miracle dice stretch just that much farther than before.

Here’s a new one that not only improves their fire power output but also makes them even tougher to kill. Have fun unseating them from an objective.


This is a new Stratagem for the new Celestian Sacresants or Crusaders. All attacks made on this unit are -1 to wound! That should keep them in the fight even longer and give them a chance to smash right back. So yes, the units with the big shields are going to be harder to hurt than before – who would have figure that out?

There is a whole lot more coming for the sisters in the new codex. Pre-orders go live this weekend.


For the Faithful


Author: Adam Harrison
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