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Warhammer 40K: Crazy Admech Combos To Take Your Skitarii Up To 11

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May 27 2021

Let’s look at getting the most out of the brand new Adeptus Mechanicus Codex.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has a new Codex out. It’s a bit… complicated. Complicated however does not at all mean, bad. In fact, the book seems pretty powerful, with just a ton of combos you can pull off in a game to set you up for success. Today let’s take a look at some of the more crazy combos focused on really buffing the heck out of your Skitarii.

The Radest Radium

Skitarii Vanguard are one of your primary troop choices. Thanks to the new book they can now be taken in squads of 20. They come armed with the basic Radium carbine. While it’s got a good rate of fire with 3 shots, its S3 AP0 D1 isn’t really much to write home about. Good for taking out light infantry, but not much use vs other targets. However thanks to some crazy stacking rules, we can really take these guys up to 11.

The first thing to do here is take the Rad-Saturated Forgeworld as your dogma, and pic Scarifying Weaponry as your secondary ability. Right off the bat this buffs you to S4 AP-1. That’s a boltrifle right there, but we aren’t done.  Next, have a Techpriest with the Artisans holy order target them with their Exquisite Calibration rule, this takes them up to S5.  If that Tech-Priest is also a Manipulus they can drop their Galvanic Field on the unit, taking them to AP-2 as well.  Having a Skitarri Marhsal with Exemplar’s Eternity near by will also allow them to re-roll 1’s to hit and wound.

This takes the gun from S3 Ap0 to S5 AP -2 (and bumps its range up), with rerolls. In the right Doctrina you can be hitting on 2s and rerolling ones. If you really want to load up on the unit targeting it with the holy order rules Overloaded Safeguards and Flaws of the Foe, will give you extra hits on 6s (given you get 60 shots this can pay off) and lets you ignore enemy cover. However, getting all that does mean you’d need 3 Tech-priests and a Marshal buffing the unit. What makes these even better is that they are targeted buffs, and not native to the unit. If the unit starts to lose models, you can just shift all the buffs to a fresh unit.

Super Snipers


Serberys Raiders are a nifty unit, that acts as skimishers and snipers. Thanks to the Eye of Serberys they can ignore enemy look out, sir, effects. On the downside their Galvanic carbine isn’t the most impressive gun in the game, with S4 AP -1 (not that it’s bad). However, if you happen to have a nearby Tech-Priest Manipulus Artisan they can drop their Exquisite Calibration and Galvanic Field rules on the unit, taking it up to S5 Ap-2 which is a nice buff. It also jumps the range up to 24″, meaning you can really hit what you want. Stick a Marshal by them for re-roll and take 18 shots at enemy characters a turn. If you happen to be Agrippina and can get within 12″ you go to AP-3. Now we are talking!

No One Moves Me

Alright, so we’ve buffed damage output, can we buff defense? Yes we can. Your basic Skitarii unit is T3 with a 4+/6++ save, a bit squish, so what can we do? Well, first let’s make them Stygies VIII. This means enemies more than 12″ away are -1 to hit them. Next lets have a Tech-Priest Logos target them with Predicated Barrage, this lets them treat AP -1 or -2 as AP 0. Then have a Skitarii Warlord (you can have up to five including the unit’s leader) hit them with Firepoint Telemetry Cache, this gives them Light Cover (+1 save) and an extra +1 save if they are already in cover (mind you this is only vs ranged). Lastly pop on the Bulwark Imperative for +1 save. All of a sudden the unit goes from a 4+ to a 1+ save, ignores AP-1 and -2 and most enemies take a -1 to hit them. That’s a difficult unit to shift.

The Yo-Yo

This one is fairly simple, and might well get FAQ’d, but is kind of a nice trick. The Booster Thrust stratagem goes off at the end of your turn. This means a unit of Pteraxii (we Prefer Sterylizors) can drop in, shoot up enemy units, and then jump back into reserve. As long as you want to keep paying CP for this (this is the only combo on this list that actually costs CP), they can keep doing it every turn and not have to worry about ever getting shot.

To give them some extra buffs pop the Skull of Elder Nikola on their Alpha and ping enemy tanks with some free mortal wounds each time you jump in. You can also run them as Ryza, this lets them jump in, shoot a unit, then charge the survivors, or another unit, hopefully, wipe them out without taking damage and then jump away to do it again. It’s quite likely you could use this unit to wipe out two enemy units a turn, without any danger to themselves.


Let us know what crazy combos you’ve found, down in the comments! 

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