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Warhammer 40K: Dan Abnett Answers a Lot of Grimdark Mysteries

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May 14 2021

Dan Abnett sat down and gave an amazing interview, covering everything from what happens when the Emperor Dies to the Missing Primarchs. Don’t miss it!

Dan Abnett sat down with Ars Technica and did an amazing tell-all interview based on questions sources from reddit and all over the place. It’s effectively a nicely edited AMA, and boy did he spill the beans.

Here is how they described it:

“We fielded our questions from a variety of places, including the /r/Warhammer40k and /r/40kLore subreddits, which resulted in what might generously be described as a lot of material. We were a little nervous about asking Dan to go through almost a dozen pages of far-out 40k geekery, but Dan—whose blessed pen is clearly guided by the will of the Emperor himself—laughed at our giant list and then more or less tore through all of them.”

Here are just a few sample questions and topics Dan fielded:

Was the Alpha Legion duped by the Cabal, or were they intellgence gathering?

What is the nature of the Missing Primach mystery?

Ollanius Pius – what is the his story really about?


Why is 40K so hopeless and how is it tied to Thatcher’s England?

Should we feel sorry for Magnus the Red?

What happens inside the Emperor’s throneroom?

What does the Emperor actually look like?

Which Chaos God is Dan’s favorite?

What will happen if the Emperor dies?

Explain the true origins of the Horus Heresy?



Read the Full Transcript Here



Wow, there’s a lot of REALLY interesting stuff in there, particularly on the nature of the Emperor, his abilities, and potential horrific tragedy of his last ten thousand years since the Horus Heresy. Also regarding Magnus, hard to disagree!

~What was the biggest surprise?

Author: Larry Vela
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