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Warhammer 40K: GW Reveals Five Important Point Drops From Chapter Approved 2021

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May 27 2021

These five units are getting a points drop and they might just make a big impact on the tabletop.

There is a new chapter approved 2021 set coming out this weekend for pre-order. That includes both a Grand Tournament Mission Pack and Munitorum Field Manual MkII. That Field Manual includes a points update for all the units currently in the game for 40k. And now we’re getting a quick teaser about five of the units who are getting a big points drop. Let’s see what GW has to show.

via Warhammer Community


“First up, we’re taking a look at five units (in no particular order) that have received the biggest points drops. If you’re a fan of any of these units, or you’ve been debating whether to pick one up, now’s the time.”

Land Raiders

Land Raiders are going to drop to 265 points – INCLUDING their standard weapon loadouts. That’s going to make them a more points efficient option across the board for both Chaos and Imperial Space Marines. It will be interesting to see where the variants end up points wise vs the standard version, too.

Storm Speeders

The Storm Speeder variants are all getting a points cut. How much? They are going to range from 135 points to 160. That should (hopefully) make these a more attractive option. It’s a solid weapon platform that can move fast – all for a cheaper point price in the up coming chapter approved.



Necron Immortals might pack more firepower than your average Necron Warrior but they were just too expensive points wise and were often skipped over for their leaner and cheaper kin. Now, they are going to be a bit more competitive (points wise) at only 4 more points per model than a warrior.

Wraithguard and Wraithblades

Wraithguard have dropped to 35 points per model and Wraithguard are 37 points per model. That means you might just see them show up (and in larger numbers, too). They can both be pretty durable and devastating options but will the points decrease be enough to have them show up on the tabletop?

Genestealers and Purestrain Genestealers

Genestealers are going to be 13 points per model or 15 points for Purestrain versions. They still have a max size of 20 in a unit as well. Suddenly that’s looking much more tempting to take over cheaper and less choppy options.

Future Proof?

Games Workshop also had another important bit of info relating to the future of releases:


“Well, we’ve got a confession to make – the points values featured in the Munitorum Field Manual MkII for the Thousand Sons and Grey Knights are actually incorrect. That’s because their codexes were intended to be out at this point, complete with their fancy new rules and updated points values. Sadly, due to the fickle winds of fate (for which we can only presume Tzeentch is to blame), the release of these books has been delayed until a little later in the year.”


Wait, what?! Yes – you read that right. Thousands Sons and Grey Knights were supposed to be out already. Which means their Codexes were slated for a release this year. Which ALSO means they are the next two codexes confirmed for later this year!

There is also a new Thousand Sons HQ option coming – an Infernal Master. So keep an eye out for that later this year, too. For now, you can download the points for these two armies so they will make more sense for their current iterations.


Points drops and surprise codex announcements!? What a day!

Author: Adam Harrison
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