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Warhammer 40K: New Ork Rules – Da Boyz Is Back And Tougher Than Ever

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May 31 2021
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Ork Boyz are getting an upgrade in the next edition of their codex. Beast Snagga rules and more are getting teased today!

Games Workshop has some new rules and a few updates to show off. If you’re a fan of the greenskins then get ready for a nice boost for your Ork Boyz out there. Oh and yes, a new Ork Codex is also on the way, too.

via Warhammer Community

“It’s well-known by now that Orks are mind-bogglingly tough creatures, able to shrug off wounds that would turn a human into a fine mist and even threaten one of the Angels of Death. Until now, however, their appearance on the tabletop hasn’t quite matched up to the kinds of creatures that can survive a complete decapitation and come back for another go. That’s all about to change in the upcoming Codex: Orks”


Yep! Check out that new profile because Ork Boyz are now Toughness 5. And they aren’t the only orks that are getting a boost to their toughness. Many of the classics are getting a boost – including Gretchin. The orks are going to be able to shrug off some hits that would have previously downed them and this is going to be a welcomed change to the game. But that’s not all…

Beast Snagga Boyz are not only benefiting from the toughness boost, they are also stronger than your average ork, too! Clocking in with a Strength 5 they are going to be able to really put the hurt on your units in close combat. And they’ve got some extra special rules on top of that:


Vehicles and Monsters beware – Beast Snaggas are coming for you. And they have an extra 6+ invulnerable save on top of everything else.

We’re also getting a look at a few classic items in the Ork Armory that have gotten some love – specifically weapons of the Choppa variety:

Squads of Boyz with Choppas aren’t going away – in fact they are going to be sticking around longer and dishing out the pain with a whole new set of Choppas now. The Green Tide is rising folks. Get ready for even more Orks on the the way from Games Workshop.



Da Boyz is BACK.

Author: Adam Harrison
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