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Warhammer 40k: The Drukhari Can Be Stopped – FTN

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May 24 2021
Warhammer 40K

The Drukhari are incredibly powerful, and meanie heads, but all is not lost!

Hey folks,

Short show this week.  Sorry in advance.  Even though we were pressed for time we tell you pretty much how every army in the game can take a chunk out of Drukhari. You’ll have to listen quick as we burn through the solutions.

We allude to it on the show but the Drukhari saw astronomical win percentages over the last couple of weeks but we’re seeing that degrade a bit at the time of recording. This can be attributed to lots of things but I think the primary thing is that – players are adapting.  The hype of the internet is dying down and people are taking some hard looks at what they can change up a little bit in this forces to handle these new threats.

Point 1 – the Drukhari basically fly over everything and come get you or they sprint across the field and engage.  This is coupled to the fact they have some deceptive durability with their improved transports.  It can present some pretty annoying problems with what most armies have been taking so far in 9th.

We run down a host of factions and detail what we believe to be the best counter to these obstacles.

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