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Warhammer Animation Online Preview: Warhammer+ And Show List

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May 22 2021

Games Workshop teased logo for Warhammer+  and showed off some of the new animation and we’ve got a show list, too!

If you were wondering what shows would be available from GW, it sure looks like a TON of content. We got a show list to kick things off:

That’s quite a few shows! We got a run down for each below. One more thing to note: the length of shows will depend on the show. Some are anthologies and some are longer series.

We also got a “sizzle reel” for the shows, too:

Blacktalon – Stormcast Eternals series starting Neave Blacktalon.






Iron Within – An embattled Imperial World but also involves some Iron Warriors (or something just as spikey).

Alter of Wrath – Chaplain of the Black Templars get’s a “record” of his sins vs the Necrons.


High Lords – Corruption, backstabbing, betrayal…just a few of things you can expect from the High Lords of Terra.


Broken Lance – An Imperial Knight household is going to have to face the daemons of it’s past.

Hammer And Bolter – Anthology series visiting a number of stories and styles in the Warhammer Universes.

Astartes II – Space Marines are on the move with the next series in Astartes!

Interrogator – “Blood. There’s always more Blood.” Follows the Interrogator who’s Inquisitor has died – and things are about to get personal.

The Exodite – It’s T’au Stealth Team vs an Imperial World. And then Aeldari (of some type) show up to throw a wrench in the works.

Pariah Nexus – Necrons are taking the fight to the Imperium in this show. Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Guardsmen – and probably some more surprises.

Angels of Death – Blood Angels are on the warpath with a 10 part animated series with each episode roughly 10 minutes. Unique style of animation and an exciting look at the future of 40k.


“July 2021”

We also got this long preview of the show and it looks good so far! I can’t wait to see this story unfold:


Warhammer Plus

23rd of June reveal. “Loads of stuff” coming. Anyone want to take some wild guesses as to what “Warhammer+” will turn out to be? We’ve seen a lot of “+” added to various company’s streaming services…could that be a big hint?  We’ll have to wait and see…

Other than that, not too much is known – but at least we have some dates for when to check back in!


What shows are you most excited about?


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