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Warhammer Animation: Tune In This Saturday – We Might Actually Learn Something

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May 18 2021

Games Workshop has been teasing their new Warhammer Animation projects but has light on the details – this Saturday could change all that.

In case you missed the big announcement from Warhammer Community, GW is doing a preview for their Warhammer Animation this Saturday. They made a fancy graphic and everything:

Note the times are later than some of the other Saturday morning previews – so that’s nice! That said, one of the big question the community has had ever since we got the first teasers has been, “Cool – how will I be able to watch these shows?” And we’re finally about to find out.

via Warhammer Community

“This weekend, we’ll be gleefully spilling the beans in the Warhammer Animation Preview Online. Want to know what’s coming, and where and when you can watch it? This is the show for you!”

Emphasis added. That’s right, we’re finally going to get the details on the “where” and the “when” for these shows. This is pretty exciting news! There’s been a ton of speculation floating around on how, exactly, GW was going to deliver these shows to our eyeballs. Are we going to see them on Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Prime? Maybe TV or Cable? AT&T is spinning off HBO and all of it’s content, will GW jump in that pool? Or is there some other plans for deliver in the works? Honestly we don’t know but we’re going to tune in Saturday to find out.

For now, check out this sweet looking poster from the up coming ‘Hammer and Bolter’ show:


One other question I hope gets answered about these Warhammer Animation projects is how many of these are going to be one-shot movies and how many are going to be episodic shows? Personally, I think there are a TON of stories that could be told in the 40k universe as on going shows/series. Just look at Black Library.

While I’m excited to get any Warhammer story in an animated format, I’m hoping that we don’t just get 5 movies and that’s it. GW has been ramping up this whole Warhammer Story Forge project and I hope that they actually make a few series to keep it alive.


Cross your fingers that all your questions and more will be answered this Saturday by the Warhammer team!

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