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Warhammer Fest 2021: Aeronautica Imperials ‘Wrath of Angels’ & New Models Inbound

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May 6 2021

Aeronautica Imperials gets a new box with ‘Wrath of Angels’ and a bevvy of  New Models are inbound!

This is some BIG news for Aeronautic Imperials. A new box is coming and it’s featuring two brand new Air Forces taking to the skies. We have Space Marine vs Aeldari with Wrath of Angels!

The Space Marines Flyers are going to be tough and play similiar to how marines play on the ground. And as for the Aeldari, well, GW took great pains to ensure they don’t break AI. It was emphasized that the Aeldari are both fun to play and play against. We’ll have to wait and see how that shapes up…

Space Marine Flyers

The Xiphon Interceptors are here in plastic. They are looking pretty sharp, too.



Here come the more tanky flyers with the Storm Eagles. Firepower and armor in a mean package.


And possibly the most requested plastic model ever – it’s a Thunderhawk! GW had a bit of a laugh with this one, but it’s coming to AI in plastic…Maybe they’ll produce ALL these flyers in 40k scale in plastic one day.

Aeldari Flyers

Nightwings are going to be super fast and manuverable fighters that will pack a punch but won’t be very resilient. Glass Cannons indeed.



And of course the Phoenix Bombers are here to play, too. These deliver their payloads FAST.

The Aeldari have a rule that makes them harder to hit at long range, not-quite as hard to hit at medium range, and no penalties at short range. This is to encourage their opponents to close the gaps and get in there…but trapping them in close is going to be pretty tough!

We might also be seeing a new class of super-heavy coming eventually to other factions, too…


It’s a good time to take to the skies for Aeronautica Imperials!

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