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Warhammer Next Week: ‘Broken Realms’ Kragnos And A Host Of Heroes

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May 23 2021

A cavalcade of characters is coming up for pre-order next weekend, starting with the mighty new force of Destruction, Kragnos, but also Lord Kroak and more.

The Mortal Realms will shake with the release of thunderous heroes next weekend. It’s a veritable geyser of special characters, with powerful faces new and old charging onto the scene. Let’s see who’s coming. First up, Broken Realms: Kragnos.

Having been inadvertently freed from imprisonment, Kragnos, a primordial beast of terrible power, unleashes his wrath upon the city in a seismic battle, with the forces of Destruction following in his wake.


The stage is certainly set for an epic encounter, but the thrilling narrative has more far-reaching implications for the future of the Mortal realms than a mere siege could possibly determine. This is must-read lore for any fan of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

What’s more, there are loads of new rules in the book, from warscrolls for the miniatures introduced below, to warscroll battalions and other updates for existing battletomes. You can also find six battleplans that let you refight the epic clashes described in the narrative.

And as you might expect, Kragnos himself is rolling onto the scene:

He’s huge, he’s mean, and the thunder of his mighty hooves can cause earthquakes. The thing is, he’s not entirely happy about having been confined for such a long time, so he’s looking to vent some serious anger. Worse still, anyone who gets in the way of this rampaging behemoth faces a potential 36 mortal wounds on the charge, even before he swings his Dread Mace!


But Kragnos isn’t the only one getting a new mini release next weekend. Lord Kroak is here, the undead frog and one of the few who remembers the World that Was and the Time before Time.

Lord Kroak has a fantastic new model that befits this maser of sorcery who still inhabits his own corpse. But the Forces of Order and Destruction must deal with two champions of Chaos, Dexcessa and Synessa, the Talon and Voice of Slaanesh:

Birthed in the wake of Morathi’s ascension to godhood, Dexcessa and Synessa are among the most powerful of Slaanesh’s daemonic servants, each gifted with a portion of the God of Excess’ unnatural allure. Dexcessa uses the hypnotic effect of their multifaceted wings to confound and distract while they dance and cavort a slaughterous path through their enemies. Meanwhile, Synessa’s manipulative whispers reach the ears of even the farthest quarry to bring their darkest fears and desires to light.

They both come in the same kit, so you’ll need to pre-order two if you want to add both of these twin demons. However, if the forces of Slaanesh are too sadistic for you, you might consider adding the Warsong Revenant, whose pipes sound with Alarielle’s splendor:


Warsong Revenants are consummate all-rounders who make fantastic additions to all Sylvaneth armies. As well as possessing the ability to enhance the Bravery of friendly units while reducing that of your enemies, they’re no slouches in combat. The fact that they’re Wizards is an extra bonus too.

Finally round out your releases with the father and daughter witch hunter team of Galen and Doralia ven Denst:

All this, next weekend!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
  • Outside the Box - May 21st