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Warhammer Next Week: The Soulblight Arrive In All Their Bloody Glory

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May 16 2021

The Soulblight Gravelords arrive in glorious procession, bringing the full might and glory of vampires to the Mortal Realms.

The Soulblight Gravelords are here, and the release just keeps coming. This week, nobles, grand dames, and a whole lot of wolves. Let’s see what’s new for the Age of Sigmar.

First up, the Start Collecting! Gravelords set, which features 20 Grave Guard and five Black Knights, as well as the exclusive Wight King on Skeletal Steed (which can only be found in the box for now). And to accompany them, how about a pack of ferocious undead dire wolves, who are speedy enough to flank anyone who tries to get away from your knights.

Speaking of dire wolves, the grand matriarch of the Vrykos line, Belldamma Volga herself, is also available for pre-order this weekend. Grandmother Wolf is a powerful sorceress, comes mounted atop Rothaback, a “pack alpha” making her mounted on one of the most “normal” mounts in the game.

Wolves are a big old theme for vampires, but this next vampire is more like a werewolf, as Radukar, a renowned vampire, has recently undergone a transformation into a bestial vampire and is accompanied by some blood-born. Or if you prefer, you can get Radukar the Wolf as he was before his transformation, as well as his inner circle for online order next week:


This will surely help you on your road to vampire dominance. If you prefer your vampires to be a little more cunning and canny, you might consider Kritza, the Rat Prince, whose recent apotheosis has transformed him into a vampire lord of rats, who can disappear into a swarm of rats when needed.

Lady Annika, the Thirsting Blade, is one of the master duelists in the Soulblight Gravelords. As the blood flows her power grows.

That’s it for the Soulblight Gravelords, but that’s not the only force of Death on the field this week. Kainan’s Reapers join the fray:


The members of this highly aggressive warband get inspired by earning Tithe counters. They achieve this by killing their enemies and looting their bones for the choicest samples to take back to their master. They may have come in search of the Silent People first and foremost, but they’ll happily settle for the bones of anyone else who gets in their way, too.

All this, next week!

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