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Age of Sigmar: 5 Units That Are Going to Feel The ‘Reinforcement’ Pinch

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Jun 11 2021

There are some new rules for Matched Play for how you can reinforce a unit. And these 5 units are really going to feel the squeeze.

In case you missed the news, GW has some new rules for Matched Play coming to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar that are going to reshape the way you construct lists. One of the big changes is a new cap on Reinforcement for units.

Depending on the game size you play, only a certain number of units can get Reinforced. Also, if those units aren’t Battleline, they can’t have more than double their minimum sizes now. On the bright side, at least these units should have an easier time staying in coherency. With that said, here’s a few units that are going to feel the lack of numbers now.

Blood Stalkers – Daughters of Khaine

If you’ve never had the “pleasure” of dealing with a ball of 20 of these ladies, well, you really dodged a bullet (or perhaps an arrow in this case). Anyhow, they are going to be capped at 15 now. Not the end of the world, but that will eat into the DoK Reinforcement pool and force them to consider alternate options.

Liberators – Stormcast Eternals

Ahh the Classic Liberators. You might have had a run in with them before. One of the current “meta” builds consisted of 2×30 units of them. Well, not any more. Their minimum is 5 currently. Without a new update and based on the current rules preview from GW you’re caped at 2×15 in a 2,000 point game. That’s a HUGE drop from before. Goodbye Liberator Wall build.

Ogor Gluttons – Ogor Mawtribes


Ogor Gluttons are minimum 3. They are still Battleline, but you won’t run into any units of 12 now. While it wasn’t super common, when you combine the Reinforcement change with the limit on command abilities now, that big ball of beef won’t be as, well, …beefy.

Chaos Warriors – Slaves To Darkness (and pretty much all flavors of Chaos)

As if you needed even more reason to just run Marauders in your Chaos Army, the minimum size for a Chaos Warrior unit is 5. They got a bonus at 10+ in the unit and now that unit is capped at 15 in matched play. With the lack of a big buffer the classic Chaos Warriors are looking less likely to show up now.

Hearthguard Berzerkers – Fyreslayers


As far as competitive builds go, big blocks of Hearthguard Berzerkers were a thing. However, with their minimum 5 sized units and the new reinforcement restrictions, you might go from seeing a couple of BIG blocks down to a bunch of 5-10 man units. 4×10 or 2×15 is still viable for them, right? Either way, they are feeling the pinch for sure.

Bonus: Skaven


It was kind of a toss up as to which Skaven unit we wanted to call out. Plague Monks. Warplock Jezzails. Stormvermin. You could almost go down the army roster. Skaven are certainly going to feel the squeeze for reinforcements now.

This is just the ones we thought of first – there are LOTS more units that are going to feel that pinch. Sorry Gloomspite. If your favorite unit is getting hit, let us know in the comments.

Author: Adam Harrison
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