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Age of Sigmar – I Need an Old Priest and a Young Priest!

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Jun 9 2021

In AoS 3.0, the Priests are going to be a much bigger fear factor. Let’s talk.

In a world of combat heroes and powerful mages, the humble Priest keyword is often overlooked. While some, like the Slaughter Queen or Slaughterpriest (seeing a bit of a naming theme there), have stood out above the others, several priest models feel underpowered compared to other heroes in their books.

Her cup runneth over.

Well, with the new updates coming to Age of Sigmar in 3.0, holy and unholy warriors alike can rejoice in a newfound power for the humble priest. Here’s a quick look at the new hotness coming to the war clergy and some updates I hope to see related to them.

These fish swim in holy water

The first major buff priests are seeing is related to their Invocations, the prayer version of endless spells. Before, an Invocation couldn’t be dealt with by anyone else, so they were ridiculously powerful for the few armies that had them. With the new rules, your priests can disrupt and eliminate your enemy’s Invocations, meaning a humble Isharann Soulscryer can blunt the massive punch of a Wrath Axe of Khorne.

What’s more, priests will now also be able to dispel Endless Spells just like a wizard, which is a huge advantage considering how scary Endless spells will become in the new edition. The next buff is the edition of two universal prayers, Bless and Smite, available to all Priests regardless of faction. The former will give a nearby unit a 6+ save after save, and the latter will allow you to have a holy slap fight with an enemy priest.


The one problem I see with this is that it sets armies with no access to priests a bit below other factions. I think an easy, and honestly likely, fix for this issue is to apply the Priest keyword to existing models in the range, like the Necromancer in Soulblight Gravelords or the Aetherkhemist in Kharadon Overlords.

I could learn a few prayers… maybe?

While I’m not sure that GW would disrupt the armies like this, I think it would be a good way to balance the lists without disrupting army lists too much. I suppose only time will tell whether this will be the case or not.

Do you have any priests in your army?

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