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Age of Sigmar: Heroic Heroes And Monstrous Monsters Rules Preview

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Jun 3 2021

Games Workshop is showing off some new rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and this time it’s the Monsters and Heroes under the spotlight.

During the preview we heard games workshop mention how Heroes would be more heroic and Monsters would be more Monstrous…well know we have a much better idea of what that means.

via Warhammer Community

Heroes and Heroic Actions

“[Heroic Actions] are a totally new type of ability, used in each and every hero phase by both players (or all of them if you’re playing in a big multiplayer brawl). Heroic actions bring fresh tactical opportunities and keep the action flowing for everyone involved. “

And no, these are NOT Command Abilities. They are to be thought of as “extra freebies” that your heroes can do so they can be “more like the ones you read about” in the fiction. Not quite “movie marines” but certainly more impactful than before. These Heroic Actions will allow your heroes to stand out a bit more during the battle. There are some options that are better than others (looking at you “Their Finest Hour”) but at least they have more restrictions.

And just to be crystal clear – these do NOT require Command Points. And since we’re talking about Command Points, those are also getting a re-work.

“With the updated rules in the new edition, it’s a little harder to decide if you want to go first after winning the priority roll, thanks to a bonus command point going to the player who goes second. “


The player who goes second will get 2 Command Points. Additionally, you’ll also get a CP if your general is on the field. It might not seem like much, but that one point difference is going to be very tempting for armies out there with lots of abilities to toss around. And there will be a lot more options to spend them on, too:

Your Heroes, Generals, and Totem units can now issue commands. This should make those units a bit more versatile and more important on the battlefield.

Monster Mash

“If you like your army to be suitably monstrous, you’re going to like this new edition too, as every single charge phase, each player’s Monsters can go on a monstrous rampage. We’re talking stomping on enemies, smashing terrain to ruins, roaring really loud – you know, all the classic monster stuff.”

You’ll have to choose which of your monsters can do which rampage as you can only use each type of rampage once per phase. Monsters also have a way to deal with Faction Terrain – which is kind of a big deal! They also have some ways to take on units (Roar and Stomp) and a way to up their output vs enemy monsters.


What if you have more than 4 monsters? Sorry – you’re going to have be smart about using these abilities. You don’t get extras!

Well that’s it for this preview – we’ll be waiting to see more from GW on the new edition of Age of Sigmar!


What do you think of the new Heroic Heroes and Monstrous Monsters?  Let us know in the comments.

Author: Adam Harrison
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