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Age of Sigmar: The Models of Dominion

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Jun 15 2021

If you wanted to get a look at the models from the Dominion Launch Box without a fancy paint job, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes it’s nice to get a look at the new models without the GW studio’s paint jobs. Why? Because sometimes the paint jobs can do a LOT of work to make the models appear even more epic and impressive. That’s not a bad thing (it’s also why seeing two painted armies go at it on the tabletop is so great). At the same time, getting a look a the bare plastic can also give you a better idea of the models themselves.

Quick Assembly, Pardon Our Mess

Right off the bat the first thing we noticed was that all these models were push-fit. That’s not a bad thing, but it does limit your pose options. That said, these models actually had an impressive array of extra bits and options. For example, every Stormcast Vindictor had an alternate head option – with or without a helmet. We went with all helmets because going into battle without one seems like a bad idea. But maybe that’s just us.

We also want to call out the fact that while these poses might be limited, they were still very impressive for both the Stormcasts and the Kruleboyz. Overall, we’re very pleased with how all the models ended up looking. It was also a group effort to get these bad boys built for the video – we didn’t have a lot of time to get them all assembled so some of them might have the occasional sprue burr on them. Don’t worry – we’ll take care of that before it’s time to paint them up.

Assembly-wise, with different folks building as fast as we could, we also tried a few different thing out for building the models. Some of us used plastic glue, some used regular old CA (super) glue. If you can’t tell the difference in the video that just proves the point that either works (although some might have fit better than others.

We also didn’t do any gap fill or greenstuff clean-up. Again, limited time here. That said, for the most part, because they were push-fit you should have some pretty tight tolerances so gaps are limited. Plus GW has really gotten good and cutting up these models so you get some crazy hidden gaps.


The Gutrippaz shields are super characterful.

The overall build project took 3 of us an afternoon to complete. If I was doing this whole project solo, I would have probably been able to do it over a few nights and taken more time to clip and clean-up the models before assembly. I would pick a unit and try and just tackle all of them at once – which is great because of how the sprues are laid out.

Speaking of sprue layout, I really hope GW decides to rebox some of the bigger sprues into their own Start Collecting boxes. Otherwise, I’m not how models like the new Killaboss or Yndrasta are going to be sold after this box is done. There are some big, chunky sprues that could easily slide into a new Start Collecting! Stormcast or Kruleboyz army. I see you GW and I like what you’re hinting at.


Yndrasta isn’t on her own sprue.

This is yet another really impressive release from Games Workshop. The Age of Sigmar: Dominion Launch Box is a fantastic option for quickly jumping into AoS 3.0 with a bunch of great miniatures for armies. You can’t go wrong with snagging a box for yourself!

Contact your FLGS and Pre-order now before it’s too late.

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Author: Adam Harrison
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