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Age of Sigmar: The New Stormcast Eternal Annihilators Hit Hard On The Tabletop

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Jun 7 2021

The Stormcast Eternals have forged some new weapons of war and the new Annihilators are bringing the pain to the enemies of Sigmar in the new edition.

I hope by now you’ve seen the new launch box details – it’s a very impressive batch of goodies with a ton of all new units. Included in the box are some of the new Annihilators and they are Paladins of the Stormcasts who are ready to smash face on the tabletop.

We’re taking a closer look at their stats and they are pretty impressive. While the new Thunderstrike armor is generally more sleek and ergonomic, these Annihilators have gone in the opposite direction.


They aren’t the fastest of Sigmars shock troopers, but they bring the beef! 3 wounds each with a 2+ save is no joke! You better bring some serious rend to deal with them because they are tough! And they hit plenty hard, too:

A minimum sized unit of 3 dishes out 9 attacks base (+1 for the unit champ for a total of 10 attacks) that are +3/+3 with -1 Rend and 2 damage. That’s a potential 20 damage from a relatively compact foot print! With a damage density like that these Stormcasts are going to be worth a look when they become available for sure.

However, it’s not just the thick armor and heavy hammers they bring – they also have a few other tricks when they come from the heavens:


Yeah – that’s a massive bubble of potential damage this unit can create. A 10″ radius, even off a minimum sized unit could clip an chunk of the enemy battleline – or important backfield defenders, too. On top of that, the re-roll for charging is just the cherry on top!

When they DO make their charge, the enemy is going to have to deal with some serious impact hits. These guys get to roll a number of dice equal to their charge roll and each 4+ is a mortal wound. You’ll get modifiers if the enemy unit is smaller, but still – that’s a lot of potential mortal wounds that were tossed out.

There’s a good reason the Annihilators are literal Poster-boys for the new edition.

The Annihilators are coming soon in the new Dominion boxed set (and probably with a solo box soon after). Get your pre-orders ready on June 19th!



You do NOT want to be in the destructive path of the Annihilators!

Author: Adam Harrison
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