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D&D Accessories: Dice Towers For Every Adventure

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Jun 8 2021

Whether you’re looking for a table statement piece or a compact tower you can fold away and bring on your next adventure, there’s a dice tower for everyone.

Collapsible Castle Dice Tower


I will always be a sucker for compact and space smart RPG accessories. Most of the group has to travel between games, and even when you don’t it’s always convenient to have things take up less space when you’re not using them. This 3D-printed dice tower looks snazzy in a large selection of colors, including the oil slick rainbow pictured, collapses down to the size of just a little more than the bottom-most segment, and the entire thing acts as a dice storage container when collapsed for easy transportation.


Medieval Dice Tower

This tower completes an entire scene between the castle-style roller and the large field tray. At 11cm tall and coming in two pieces, this set maybe won’t be the easiest one to absent-mindedly throw in your game bag, but it’s also far from the most stationary dice tower we’ve seen or featured. For adventurers who enjoy painting minis and scenery, this is the perfect simple project that will get used for games and games to come.


Druid Dice Tower

Sometimes I find a dice tower that’s every bit as pretty as it is functional, and this druid-themed dice tower hits that mark perfectly. A gorgeously detailed giant tree is growing through this particular tower in a way that almost seems to be holding the tower up and beneficial to both structures for one of the most druidly effects I could imagine. You can pick your choice of color for the tower to come printed in or opt for the shop to paint it for you.



Portable Magnetic Dice Tower

This set is a dice tower, tray, and storage box all rolled into one. The drawer under has separately labeled rows for each kind of dice you’ll need for D&D and the entire thing folds up into an easy-to-take-with-you box for maximum D&D on the go convenience. You can get one of seventeen colors or a custom paint and design job with felt. As far as utility tabletop gaming designs go, this one is brilliant, intuitive, easy, and looks great to boot.


Compact Spiral Tower

Another ingenious design, I don’t think the picture for this dice tower will do it justice so do yourself and the shop a favor and check it out and the product video they have posted. The entire tower spins flat to fit inside of the small base and then clicks into place and unwinds into a small set of spiral stairs when you’re ready to start rolling dice. Include some dice or a custom engraving for a little extra personalization and get rolling!

Do you have a favorite dice tower? Will any of our tower picks make it onto your wish list? Do you prefer a giant statement piece dice tower or a smaller utility tower that you can bring with you from game to game? Let us know in the comments!


Happy Adventuring!

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