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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: Ball And Socket

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Jun 1 2021

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a new Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. We’re looking at a peculiar joint this time around.

After a flurry of pics from the Rumor Engine’s “Visions of Beasts” we’re back to our regularly scheduled program from the Rumor Engine. This one has a very “robotic” feel to it. Take a look for yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“We’ve been tinkering with the Rumour Engine in a way that would make a Big Mek or Cogsmith proud. After making it more aerodynamic and adding a “go faster” stripe, it’s time to turn it on and see what happens.”


So what are we looking at today? Well, it’s some type of armor (so non-organic). And it looks like a boot or foot at the bottom with an ankle joint holding these two together. The upper “leg” plating looks pretty round and well…stunty. Wait a minute. You don’t think…

No it couldn’t be, right?! There’s no way it could be a Squat… GW wouldn’t do that now, right? I mean, we have had a couple of them return for Necromunda.


And their ankles look way thicker than the joints here. No, this has to be something else. It could also be something else besides an ankle/leg. Maybe it’s a different part altogether.

Perhaps some new Ad Mech or Automata Unit?

Whatever this is, the Rumor Engine from this week has us curious. We’ll have to put this one in the archive and wait for it to be revealed. Until then, if you’ve got a wild guess we’d love to see it in the comments section. That’s part of the fun of the Rumor Engine after-all. So let us know what you think this crazy contraption could be!


Alright Internet, you know what to do. This one has us scratching our heads – what do you think it is this week? 


Author: Adam Harrison
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