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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: The Skeleton Is Out Of The Closet

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Jun 8 2021
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And it’s been mounted on some sort of wrack. Come take a look for yourself at the new GW Rumor Engine.

It’s Tuesday which means it’s a new Rumor Engine and this week’s is looking kind of early for Halloween. It’s creepy, it’s spooky, and it’s just a little kooky…Check it out.

via Warhammer Community


The text from this week’s Rumor Engine isn’t too helpful this time:

“While ‘improving’ the Rumour Engine, we noticed a big red button round the back… So, we pressed it, naturally. After totally rebuilding Warhammer Community Towers, we were left with this vision of the future.”

They promised to only press the green button from now on. So…that’s nice. But what are we looking at here? Well, it’s clearly a skeleton and it’s mounted on a  wrack or trophy-thing with candles. It’s also a Human skeleton which is probably important. Also worth noting it’s got all it’s teeth – and they aren’t fangs or tusks. The most peculiar aspect is that is has a “W” etched in the forehead.

So what does the “W” stand for? If we figure that one out, we might just have a winner on our hands. Hey…”W” – “Winner” yeah…that fits. And the prize was that they got turned in to a trophy wrack! Hmm. “Wrack” also start with  “W” as well. Maybe we’re not on to something. Gee,  who would get craptured, probably tortured, and then hung-up on a wrack? A Witch perhaps?


On the other hand, the Imperium doesn’t take to kindly to “witches” if I recall correctly. They do a lot of “suffer not the witch to live” type things…


Really, this could go either way – Age of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000. If you’ve got some ideas we’d like to see them in the comments. So this is the part where we kick it over to you Internet Detectives. If you’ve got a lead, share them with the rest of the class and maybe we can all have fun solving this one together.


Things that start with the letter “W” 


Author: Adam Harrison
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