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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: The Top Knot

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Jun 22 2021

Games Workshop’s latest Rumor Engine is here! Someone is looking like they are having quite the hair day.

Alright everyone, it’s that time of the week when Games Workshop shows off a teaser from the future. The Rumor Engine has graced us with a new image and I’m having a little trouble sorting it out so maybe you should just take a look yourself.

via Warhammer Community

“The Rumour Engine has been playing up again. They say that when you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Right now we’re thinking about getting the hammers out for this misbehaving contraption. Oh no, we mean the BIG hammers.”

So, that’s got to be someone’s hair, right? And it looks like it’s pulled back into a knot or pony tail of some type. And it also looks like they are moving quick as their hair is whipping back and forth. That’s all well and good but that would mean that it’s their head down below…but what’s up with all the lumps? And is that a shoulder pad? IT’s pretty massive. It’s not like Marines have the market cornered on massive shoulder pads though – that could be a lot of different things.

It kind of reminds me of Orruk Brutes – the armor is a little smoother but some of the extras around the “head” look like the same sorts of random juts of bone and armor. And speaking of armor the paint chips are kind of similar, too. Maybe this person is just rocking an epic hair squig! And is that hair-tie a piece of bone?


It could also be a new member of the Beast Snaggas as well. They probably have more stuff on the way and it could be related to them. They do like the hair squigs and also wear bones.

Apparently, I’ve just got Greenskins on the mind. Maybe it’s a fungal infection. In any case, I’m going to pass the torch over to you now Internet. If you’ve got any theories we’d love to read them in the comments. So fire away with what ever you think this could be and play the guessing game of the Rumor Engine!


It’s gotta be hair, right?

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