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Necromunda: Get A Look At Klovis The Redeemer And His Little Buddy

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Jun 21 2021

The Redemptionist have arrived and Klovis the Redeemer has a new model – meet the legendary House Agent.

Get ready for another member of the House of Faith (aka The Redemptionists) to arrive in the Underhive. Klovis the Redeemer is getting a “hot” new model (that’s because his head is on fire). Plus, his trusty scribe and bodyguard Deacon Malakev is there to assist him.

via Warhammer Community

“If you think the giant eviscerator he’s carrying is his most dangerous weapon, you need to think again. That book he’s holding is the Liber Excruciatus, and it contains every method of torture the Redeemer has ever carried out. “

Klovis The Redeemer

That book isn’t just for show. Klovis can “read” the book during the game and cause his enemies to second guess their life.

It’s a Nerve Test with a -1 modifier. It might not have the best odds at scaring off a seasoned veteran, but you might just frighten off a pack of wily Juves who think they are tough guys.


As mentioned, his sidekick is also joining the fray. Meet Decaon Malakev:

“If you’re wondering who writes down all of those disgusting acts, look no further than Klovis the Redeemer’s sidekick – Deacon Malakev. He’s always found scurrying around after his master, and we’ve got some pict grabs of him too”

Alright, this one is just weird. It’s the face that makes me take a step back on this one. The rest of the miniature is very servitor/robot-esque. But the face… It’s just creepy in it’s own way. At least he’s useful:

Man, now that is a bodyguard! Don’t roll, don’t transfer one wound at a time, just redirect the hit onto Deacon Malakev. No wonder the majority of his body is…whatever he is now. Clearly, he’s taken a lot of punishment over the years.


Klovis the Redeemer is a House Agent for Cawdor so he will only join those gangs. Watch out for the eviserator and try to avoid head-butts.


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