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Goatboy’s 40K: Warhammer+, Upcoming Releases, and We Need To Talk Primaris

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Jun 28 2021
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Goatboy here and wow is a lot going on, from Warhammer +, to new minis, to Primaris rules. Let’s talk.

If you know me I am a sucker for some cool animation.  I grew up loving all kinds of cartoons, moved onto some anime in College, and settled on a lot of cartoons in my daily life now.  Not all of it is that cool – as my kids love to watch some stuff – but I do enjoy some of the more adult-oriented nonsense.


Thankfully it seems Warhammer+ isn’t going to be the wallet burn I feared it would be and while a new monthly cost is not always warranted I think I can throw the 6 or so dollars a month to a new App with a + at the end of it.

I do like they are giving a lot of different companies a chance to make some animation.  This gives those artists legit work they can utilize to sell to other businesses as well as make something neat – especially if they like the world they are creating in.  Having a consistent paycheck in the art world can be a hard thing and while I did it for a few years after my own Animation work – it is great to see chances given to those artists.  It is probably the biggest thing I am getting out of it because I just like seeing bloody mean cartoons.

I also like the models given.  As much as the Assassin is the best “designed” I do think the Orruk one ends up being the most useful.  I get the feeling my plastic crack-addicted brain will buy both because I need to complete some kind of “mission” to get all those sweet models.  It is also why I went ahead and splurged on the expensive GW event ticket in Austin.  I am hoping we see something else that isn’t a Space Marine Primaris LT but we know one will be coming again at some point.

Let’s Talk Marines

Speaking of Space Marines – where the heck are my jump Inceptor Assault Marines?  So much of the book is finished but we are missing some very core specific options.  I want the Firstborns to go away from basic Marines and until we have some kind of super sweet Assault option riding in around fat boi style in Gravis Armor I can’t rest.  We got Shrike so where are Shrike’s Ravenclaw Lightning Bladed buddies?  It feels like a no brainer as they have the basic design so having something extreme chunky and brutal bearing down on you from the outer reaches of space just seems like too good of an opportunity to create.  It is the same with all the Vanguard missing options as we know Primaris are starting to become Veterans in this long grim dark war of 40k so why not go all the way with some options.  Make the units 6 man and just turn the volume to 11.

From there – we also need more biker characters.  Get those old bikes out of here and go full on Outrider.  Why aren’t they 6 too?  They are not breaking the game right now and if I could have a squad of 6 that I can combat squad I would be a happy Goatboy.  Or as happy as I can be without some kind of true Chaos release.  But I ain’t holding my breath for that anytime soon.

Upcoming Releases

Who is excited to see Grey Knights and Thousand Son’s in a Harry Potter wand fight shouting at each other and smiting the bejeezus out of the enemy?  Are we going to see the new T Sons character shown show up in this magically boxed set?  Or is Crowe going to show up and lead some Purifiers to some extreme psychic flame action?  Are we going to get something 40k related soon because as much as Dominion looks to be a sweet boxed set I can only take so many golden lightning riding boys.


I hope this next weeks see some Ork releases as the hint of the giant White Squigg and its “ride or die” buddy seems too cool to be true.  I am hoping it isn’t some story and we actually get some rules.  I miss some of the characters out of the Orks so having more makes me feel like the book is moving in the right direction.

Help – I Need More Stuff!

Hobbywise, I am still at a weird spot where there isn’t a ton more I want/need/hope to buy.  The lack of models has been frustrating as I am missing one unit of Deathshrouds to finish off the 3 pack that should be in most DG army rosters.  I got parts I could cobble something together but I just built the 3 I bought and I remember I like these models and how they go together nicely.  Have you found that while having a neat model is cool but building it can be so mentally draining.  I like things that can be slapped together fast enough to see with the ability to clip and tweak options as needed.  Heck this ability to shift and customize is what makes me play this game as much as I have but if the base “skeleton” were easier I think I would end up being happier.

I also just bought one of the Macfarlane toys – the Hellblaster – and find that to be a pretty neat little kit.  I will have to pose it, base it, and then get it painted to match my current Marine army.   I hope they come out with a Chaos Space Marine one soon enough – but then that might mean the codex also comes out soon and I can quite complaining on my BOLS branded Soapbox.

Anyway enough random chatter as we wait on more 40k stuff.  I am excited to play in hopefully TWO GW events -Austin and NOLA.


I’ll see you all out there!

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