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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K – Chaos Knight Herd FTW!

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Jun 3 2021

Goatboy here with a herd of Chaos Knights that may be able to go the distance!

As I finish up a single Marine model to clean up that army I think about what I want to do next.  I never finished making my giant Chaos Knight Tyrant and I’m thinking – could I make an army out of that and a ton of War Dogs?  I know it isn’t super good but I am sure I can throw something down that has a ton of the little War Dog models to run around, a big center piece Chaos Knight to throw out some damage, and maybe, just maybe – the list can power through and win a game or two?  YOu all know how I like armies that are easy to transport. This one will be a smallish army that can be played fast, and hauled around from place to place with no problems.

Infernal or Iconoclast?

I probably going Iconoclast household just because I like it – but maybe I will shift it to Infernal to have the giant get back up.  Or not – just not sure.  I also wonder if doing Infernal could let me have some Wardogs come on from the back edge.

Goatboy’s (War)Dogs of War!

Chaos Knight – Super Heavy Detachment
Dread Household – Iconoclast – The Turds! – Dark Forging, Frenzied Attackers

Knight Tyrant – Twin Siegebreaker Cannon X 2, Shieldbreaker Missile, Warlord – Infernal Quest, Relic – The Veil – 635pts
War Dog Moirax X 3 – Lightning Locks X 6 – 465pts
War Dog Moirax X 3 – Lightning Locks X 6 – 465pts
War Dogs X 3 – Thermal Lance/Chain Cleaver/Meltagun X 3 – 420pts

Pts: 1985 CP:12 (I think)?

Chaos Knightly Tactics

So this is a simple army again – you got NINE guys to try to run around, cause problems, and score objectives as needed. You should plan on putting out as much damage as you can.  You will hopefully try to survive and do some damage back on the other guy.  I think if you go first –  it could be a pretty rough army to deal with – but if the enemy can throw out damage back you will lose stuff quickly.  The Big guy (Knight Tyrant) needs to take an objective and just try to hunker down and hold it as long as it can – while taking damage from everything around the tabletop.


But really this is just my motivation to get me to paint my big Knight again and see if I can find some War Dogs laying around my pile of shame.  It feels like Chaos Space Marines are a while away and my next big jump into a list will be to the new Orks so I will be WAAAGHing before I’m laying down Death to the False Emperor.

Oh, I almost forgot… Death to the False Emperor!

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