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‘Loki’ Easter Eggs: Ep. 3 ‘Lamentis’ – Love is an Invisible Dagger

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Jun 24 2021

The journey to meet the Time Keepers continues on a moon that’s about to be destroyed.

Time travel with less optimism, more bickering, and some misguided romantic poetry. We get to know the Lokis as they hide in another apocalypse, but not on purpose. Plus a choice that has a great impact on the MCU and in the real world.

Spoilers start under the GIF.


The episode opens with our new friend digging into the mind of TVA agent she kidnapped – gaining the location of the Time Keepers over margaritas (how a TVA agent clone knows about margaritas we’ll get to in a bit). Quick jump through a time portal and she’s in the TVA (followed by Loki), looking for a golden elevator and discovering her magic doesn’t work in the null zone. The Loki’s fight and end up on Lamentus-1 as it’s hit with meteors.

Lamentus-1 is on the outskirts of the Kree Empire and is part of the comic reboot of Guardians of the Galaxy (by Dan Abnett). Rather than a mining town, it was filled with thieving scavengers and a quiet temple filled with monks. Quasar, Ronan, Spaceknights, and Peter Quill are involved. They’ve kept the color scheme but reversed the situation for the show – instead of Lamentus Outworld, the Lokis are on one of its moons as the main planet crashes down on it.

This episode contains a lot of conversation between the Lokis.


We learn that the variant prefers to be called Sylvie. There’s a theory out there that she’s not Lady Loki or a variant created for the show, but that she’s actually Sylvie Lushton. As a teenager, she wakes up with powers (given to her by Lady Loki) and models herself on Asgardian Amora aka Enchantress because of the magical nature of her powers. She has connections with the Young Avengers (we’ve seen Speed, Wiccan, and Patriot so far). I’m not sure how well the theory will hold up in the long run, but the choice of name isn’t a coincidence.

We also learn more about Loki. His bi/pansexuality that has been part of the comics for a while now is now MCU canon, as is his gender fluidity. He is the first major queer character in the MCU, and his coming out was handled really well by director Kate Herron and actor Tom Hiddleston. It’s awesome for a lot of reasons that are very much related to on-screen representation of queer people in one of the largest franchises in history. It’s about time.



Character development aside, the TVA just got more sinister. Behind that quirky retrofuture exterior with bad salads and plenty of discontinued Pepsi products is a lie. A subtle hint was dropped in episode two about the possibility of more than one Mobius (in the comics they’re clones). This episode we learned that Minute Men are not created from the ground up by the Time Keepers – they’re repurposed and brainwashed variants. This explains Sylvie’s animosity toward the organization and more about her end game.

This week’s quick takes…

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