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Making Captain America’s Shield Work in the Real World

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Jun 19 2021

Check out these creators that try to recreate the physics-defying vibranium shield.

A few years back Hacksmith created a heavy-duty metal shield that worked with an electromagnet gauntlet. The setup works well for having the shield snap into place on his arm and the shield is a functional shield/weapon, but it doesn’t have that bounce the fictional vibranium one achieves and it’s heavy.

Enter JLaservideo. He’s made one that replicates the original shield’s ricochet ability pretty reliably and comes back to a lightweight magnetic plate he wears. It’s made of light carbon fiber and bounces back like the one you see in the MCU using frisbee technology and some lighter magnets. It’s not the prettiest or most protective version but it looks cool in action.

Pro-builds are always awesome, but replicating them isn’t the easiest for the average hobbyist. If you don’t have the ability/equipment to make a fancy metal or carbon fiber shield with powerful magnets but want something awesome for your cosplay or for the wall of your geek cave, here are some (not bouncy, but magnetized) options.


Sean’s Crafts shield is a great option. Its base is made of cardboard and EVA foam, and it has a magnetic wrist and shoulder strap made of belts and candle lids. It takes some craft knife and gluing skills, but it doesn’t have any parts that require power tools to create. And the result is fantastic.

Buy It

There are a few stores on Etsy that carry custom metal versions that are in the $500+ range. If that’s not in your budget, there are several versions out there from Hasbro – the classic shield, the stealth shield, and the latest Falcon and Winter Soldier shield. They’re all 24″ in diameter, have adjustable arm straps, and are made of high-impact plastic painted with a lifelike metal deco. All for about $100.



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