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MTG: More Forgotten Realms Spoilers Reveal Lands And The Bard Of The Multiverse

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Jun 27 2021

Alright friends, let’s have some Adventures in the Forgotten Realms spoilers to close out the weekend. Check out a legendary bard.

The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set is looking better and better the more we see. And we start off with a look at a visual update for that most basic of cards, the basic lands. Courtesy of WotC, here’s a look at all of the new art for the upcoming set’s lands.

Right away, I’m taken by the forest in the bottom right,  the “Spine of the World” mountain, the “swamp” that is the sewers of Baldur’s Gate, the Planetary tracking island, and the alien plains beneath the desert sun.


Add you can see from the flavor text, which embodies the sort of things a DM might say to their players, they’ve really tried to capture the spirit of every aspect of D&D. This might be fanservice, but I’m absolutely here for it. Our other spoilers aren’t quite as flavorful, but still capture moments from D&D’s sort of meta existence, including the Dungeon Crawler–

With the ability to return aftr you complete a dungeon and getting in that 2/1 for 1, these are a great aggressive option. But far more meta is our last spoiler, Ellywick Tumblestrum, whom you might recall from the Week of Legend Lore–Ellywick is an invention from this year:

And now she’s a Planeswalker.


And one who gets better and better the more dungeons you delve. So dream big, and one day you too, might become a planeswalker.

Happy adventuring

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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