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Netflix Drops Details on ‘Sandman’, ‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘Vikings’ & More

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Jun 8 2021

It’s Geeked Week at Netflix, and that means a ton of previews and news.

Some quick bits before we jump into the video announcements:


Neil Gaiman and the cast talk about adapting Sandman for the screen, plus some look at the sets and production. I am super excited for this.



Start theorizing what’s going on in The Umbrella Academy S3 with these episode titles…


You can’t have Cowboy Bebop without the music – Yoko Kanno’s work is just as important as the stories of the series. This was one of the concerns when the live-action series was announced in 2018. Fans have one less thing to worry about…



The Locke siblings are continuing their adventure into their family’s past. Kid friendly horror mystery Locke & Key is coming back this fall.

Check out the full panel for interviews, concept art, and more.


This year the streaming service is going to be packed with great series and movies – this is only some of the slate. I’m looking forward to diving into all they have to offer – especially Sandman, Umbrella Academy, and Lupin. What are you excited about?

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