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RPG: TSR Invokes Satanic Panic, Origins Games And GAMA Issue Bans

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Jun 29 2021

The TSR Games social media storm continues to brew as TSR Games invokes the Satanic Panic and Origins Games and GAMA make strong statements.

Tim Kask, veteran TTRPG designer characterized the online controversy surrounding TSR Games and its creator as the “shitstorm in Lake Geneva” and that storm shows little sign of abating as TSR Games invokes the Satanic Panic in defense of the recent pushback they’ve had, as creators and community members and fans hold them accountable for statements they’ve made.

This references the infamous Satanic Panic of the 1980s when Dungeons & Dragons–and a number of other media–were held up as gateways to satanism. You can read more about it right here, in fact. The key difference here is that one was a furor over satanic connections and the other a community asking for accountability and clarification over statements that are on record–even if the offending tweets have since been deleted. You can read more about the statements that kicked up the latest dustup here.


For clarity, though, it’s not just the fans or players of the game–it’s the industry that’s taking notice as well. Origins and GAMA, the Game Manufacturer’s Association have stated that TSR will not be welcome at their events, which include one of the biggest gaming conventions and an expo that gathers together industry professionals. These are key to the success of many a tabletop publishing entity, which presents a challenge for the recently reborn TSR Games.

We’re aware of the appalling statements published by TSR Games and their founder – GAMA does not condone nor agree with any part of it. We pride ourselves on supporting and promoting inclusivity always.

Our motto is ‘A game at every table, a table for everyone’. Transphobia, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated. That means that TSR is not welcome at Origins Game Fair, GAMA Expo or any event affiliated with our organization.”

This comes shortly after Gen Con released a similar statement:

Which makes for a whirlwind week for the company, which only last week announced a big return with Giantland Games, an accompanying theme park, and a new version of Star Frontiers.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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