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Total War: Warhammer 3: Take A Look At The World And Units Of Khorne

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Jun 15 2021

And here we thought it was blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne–turns out there’s a blood throne too. Khorne has two butts.

Look I know we don’t ever really see the chaos gods in all their majesty, but on occasion the greater daemons give us a glimpse of what they must be like–as shadows cast by the light of the chaos gods themselves, the greater daemons are representative of their foul masters who give them life. However that’s not the only way to reckon with a chaos god’s true form, and as you’ll see today, Khorne has two thrones, the skull throne, for which all the skulls are for, and, in the upcoming Total War: Warhammer 3, he has blood thrones as well. That can only mean one thing. Khorne has two butts.

And that’s two butts minimum. Since the Blood Thrones are engines of utter destruction, somewhere between firebelching cannon, daemonic steed, and a motorcycle that’s metal enough to be banned from an album cover in Flyover Country Walmarts everywhere, the Bloodthrones are sure to be a devastating unit on the charge:

But that’s not the only devastating unit out there. You’ll also get to unleash the leathery, spiky, fiery death incarnate in Khorne’s Flesh Hounds.

Yes, soon enough you too will be able to unleash Khorne dogs upon your enemies. Fast moving and fearless, Flesh Hounds will be great at shattering morale and wiping out stragglers. Just make sure that they stay well fed, lest they turn on you.


Both of these units are just a fraction of the might that awaits in Khorne’s army. The chaos god of wrath, rage, blood, and violence is ready to reap a bloody harvest, and no ice bears are going to stand in his way. Get ready for Total War.

All this and we haven’t even seen hide nor hair of Cathay yet…

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