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Warhammer 40K Breaking: Space Marine Primaris Action Figure Prices & Pics

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Jun 29 2021

We have prices and new pics on the JoyToy line of Primaris action figures. NICE!

JoyToy is a manufacturer of 4″ action figures with an emphasis on modern military and sci-fi infantry and mecha. It’s a natural fit for them to try their hand at the worlds of Warhammer 40K. We have previously seen their initial moves into the Grimdark with announcements of imminent 40K releases.

Here’s the previous info on the range via

JOYTOY Ultramarines Infiltrators & Incursors

Here are the high res shots of the two ranges of 4″ painted action figures. They look amazing:

New Pics & Prices

Just in from the JoyToy website is the following set of new pics of the 1/18 (4″ action figures):




Pricing and Product Info (via google translate – so it’s a little rough)

“Today’s push will reveal for you:
Warhammer 40K product information and early bird price.
After a long wait. This Warhammer 40K product. Will be on the 6th anniversary of 6.26

JOYTOY is officially authorized by GW, This Warhammer 40K product.
In restoring the appearance of character units in the worldview. It can be described as a lot of effort.”

Product Name

  • Warhammer 40K Extreme Warrior Infiltrator
  • Warhammer 40K Ultra Warrior Invader
  • Product ratio: 1:18
  • Product height: about 12 cm
  • Product Type: Highly movable joint model toy

Early Bird Price for infiltrator group of four on Douyin – 449 yuan/set (@$69.50)
Early Bird Price for the Intruder Group of Four Douyin – 449 yuan/set (@$69.50)
Infiltrator & Intruder 8-person Douyin Early Bird Price” – 798 yuan ($123.50)



These look incredibly fantastic by the standards of the previous GW licensed action figures.  The panel lining and black undersuit highlighting is excellent, as are the squad markings.

Pricing-wise other JOYTOY figures run about $30 per figure and between $90-130 for a 4-5 man squad. So these early bird prices are actually below that. I’m certain that wont last once they get into standard release.


For quality and scale comparisons, here are some other JOYTOY releases, all in 1/18 scale:







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