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Warhammer 40K: Fire Up Those Sisters of Battle Immolators – FTN

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Jun 14 2021

We keep going with the Adepta Sororitas codex; and continue to discover the way the Codex plays is a little different than it was before.

Hey all,

As promised we start the show from lasts week’s cliffhanger talking about the Battle Sanctum.  I’m kidding about the cliffhanger of course but we spend a little time on this unit.  It’s not something to discount out of hand because it’s a terrain piece.

We then talk a little about how a few units have seen some significant improvements and my opinion the ‘most improved is the Dominion Squad.  These models get an impressive upgrade with a damage 2 storm bolter with Stratagems that further buff up their damage potential.

It is extremely lethal. It is a bit of a glass cannon strategy but what a cannon…  The Dominion squad gets a little razzle dazzle from the olds days being able to scoot up their transport before the game starts.  That transport can also be an Immolator.

The Immolator can be a mid-field bully unit to be sure.  Now it gets a little bit more of a nudge when you can move its 18-inch flame cannons a little closer to the enemy. There will be nowhere they can hide!

We go over a few combos and then close the show out speaking about a couple of our favorite Orders in this new book.  Really, this is an elegantly designed dex with lots of options that should keep players entertained for a long time.


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Paul Murphy
Author: Paul Murphy
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