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Warhammer 40K: For Cadia! Gaunt’s Ghosts & New Cadian Shock Troopers Unboxed

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Jun 19 2021
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The Astra Militarum are getting a nice splash release with the new Gaunt’s Ghosts and Cadian Shock Trooper boxes.

Fans of the Gaunt’s Ghost rejoice – they are here and in plastic for the first time. Plus, the new Cadian Shock Trooper box has a sweet new upgrade sprue.

The New Cadians


The new Cadian Shock Troopers box is built on the back of the old box. This is both good and bad. It’s bad because, well, if you were hoping for a new model refresh for those old standards you’re probably not going to get one for a very long time. But it’s good because you will get some much needed additions to the box. The main point of this refresh is this sprue:

It’s brand new and has a TON of bits you can use. You can see them all above but this upgrade sprue should give you all the available options in your lists possible now. It’s been a long time coming but no more need to go hunting for a Guardsmen Meltagun or Plasma Gun. You’ve got the bits and a ton of new faces ready to take the fight to the enemies of the Emperor! Side note: the Cadian Miniatures Sprues are copy write 2006. In 6 more years, they will be legal to drink in the US. Think about that for a second next time you’re fielding some Cadians!

Cadian Shock Troops $45


Gaunt’s Ghosts


I’ve already written up my thoughts on these models. The long and short of it is: They are great. Characterful and true to the lore, Gaunt’s Ghosts are finally taking to the field in glorious plastic. I actually spend the time to assemble these models and they go together great. They do have a pair of different head swaps for Oan Mkoll, but the rest of the models are pretty much single pose. That said, they are very stylish single poses and since they are all unique, you really only need one unit of them in your collection/army anyhow.

I really like these models (and their rules) and hope GW does more of these specialist units/special character units from the books in the future. This is a pretty great template for similar heroes from the books.

Gaunt’s Ghosts $65

Both of these kits should be in your FLGS this weekend! So snag them while you can.

Author: Adam Harrison
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