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Warhammer 40k: Get Ready for Holy Fire in the New Sisters Codex – FTN

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Jun 7 2021

Take your first look at the new Adepta Sororitas codex with us!

Hey folks,

The Sisters have been a dominant force on the tabletop for a while now and we can expect more of the same – just a little bit differently.  The function and synergy from mainstay units have changed a bit and there are new competitive options to throw into the mix that makes the army selection a little more tricky.  Take a listen to our initial impressions.

We have the whole crew back this week thankfully!  We head right to the new stuff with the codex.  There are some impressive new units that should instantly make their way to your tabletop – or not – I mean… we aren’t going to tell you how to play! I’m mostly kidding here but the truth is that the new units have mostly just added NEW ways to play the codex without making the old ways obsolete.  This makes me pretty happy.

What we do see is that a few of the built-in abilities of the units have been removed from the dataslates seemingly to put more of a focus around the army functioning in layers as we’ve seen with other codexes and less about the units being a complete package all to themselves.  Of course, there are still some powerhouses but some of the more infantry-based squads now need a little support from HQ or Elite units or otherwise work in tandem with your generalship.

The Paragon Warsuits are flashy and powerful, with no doubt but we actually put a lot of attention on the Sacresants.  If you haven’t ordered some already you will want to do it now because these will no doubt sell out.

Sisters fans have a lot to look forward to in this codex including impressive Character upgrades similar to what we’ve seen with the Marines and other dexes.  Seriously, there isn’t a bad one in the bunch.


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