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Warhammer 40K: Let’s Talk Organized Play and FAQs – FTN

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Jun 21 2021

Events around the world are beginning to use the most recently updated FAQs and allow the new codexes.  When should this happen?

Hey all,

Please note that we do not wish to solve this for any organizers. We just want to talk about it and introduce some talking points and that we strongly feel like the organizers should do what they feel is right for their attendees. Organizers take all the risks and it is often largely a thankless and zero-sum job. They don’t need the additional heartache of trying to predict web releases from Games Workshop.

GW does an amazing job turning around FAQs and making the information available to anyone.  If you care to stay up on the latest rulings and clarification you can do so absolutely free on the GW Community page.

Later in the show, Paul whines a bit about putting together Iron Striders but contends they are soooooooo worth it.  This use is stellar and with just a little savvy on the table, they will work wonders.

Towards the end of the show, Adam asks us what our three favorite Heresy Characters are.  While this is completely subjective it gives us some pretty cool talking points and it’s always fun to stroll down memory lane remembering these characters and stories.

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Paul Murphy
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