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Warhammer 40K: Three Things We Need From a New Ork Codex

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Jun 17 2021

Let’s take a look at a few things we want from the new Ork Codex that’s just around the corner.

The Greenskins have a new book coming out soon. Alongside it will come a decent models release with new or updated Boyz and all the Beast Snaggas you could want. As with any new book we’ve got a list of things we’d like to see in it. Let’s take a look at a few of the big things we want to see this book do for Orks.

Make Mek Gunz Less Dominant 

Mek Gunz are one of the best Ork units in their current book. A huge number of Ork lists that have done well in the meta over the past few years have included just oodles of them, forming a massive block of death dealing shooting. Now I’m not saying that Mek Gunz need to be nerfed, but I do think they need better internal balance. The current Ork book doesn’t really lend its self well to a large number of competitive builds. Within the book, Mek Gunz dominate in how good they are, often to the point of it feeling like not taking them is a mistake. I’d like to see them remain good, but get knocked down from their current “must take” ‘status.

Make The Stompa Good

Stompa’s are a really cool, if aging, model with a ton of conversation and modification potential. They are the largest plastic Ork kit and there is just something really awesome about seeing one surrounded by a sea of Boyz across the table. Unfortunately, they kind of suck right now. 9th Edition has not been kind to large titanic and super heavy units. They’ve gotten some nerfs, and are not great when it comes to missions.

In addition, the increased deadliness of infantry, lead by buffs to melta weapons, but extending through a lot of other things (Heavy Bolters and Dark Lances for instance all got better at hurting them) has hurt all big guys, with Knights, once the terror of the table falling to an almost non-threat status. Stompa’s if anything,  have it worse, they weren’t good even before the changes. Back in 8th when Knights ran rampant, Stompa’s clogged scrap heaps. We’d love to see the new book give Stompa’s a real role and make this iconic unit viable again. Maybe even an upgrade sprue to make variants – like the Knight Questoris and Baneblade got.

Bring Back Looted Things

I know this is a super long shot here (which makes it unlikely given Ork BS), but we would really love to see Looted vehicles come back to the Ork book. For anyone not in the know, Orks, love to take captured or destroyed enemy things and remake them in their image, “looting” them and then fielding them in their army. Previous Ork books have allowed this bit of fluff to play on the table with options of Looted units, oftentimes meaning Orks could take a limited number of tanks from some other army.


Now it doesn’t have to be this, a simple generic “Looted Wagon” unit with some good options could represent a lot of looted tanks and be really cool. We love the idea of Looted Wagons. They are a cool bit of fluff, and open up some really great conversion and kitbash option. They help set Orks apart and let each Ork army, even when taking the “same” unit be a bit different. They also are a great way to use that one tank you bought for an army that was never finished.

Let us know what you want out of the new book, down in the comments!

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