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Warhammer Underworlds: Idoneth Deepkin Crab Warband Cards Revealed

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Jun 1 2021

Yeah, we know they are called Elathain’s Soulraid. No one cares. Bring on the Crab! Check out the TRUE hero and all their follower cards, too.

It’s the warband that won the internet’s heart for the day as the Idoneth Deepkin are getting a foothold in Warhammer Underworlds. Elathain’s Soulraid Crab Warband is here and we’re getting a look at the characters and GW is showing off the rest of their cards.

via Warhammer Community

First up we have a look at the supposed leader of this warband – Elathain Ill-fated.

Sure, sure, he’s got a the crown to designate himself as the leader. But we all know that is a clever ruse to distract from the true leader of this motley crew. In anycase, we get a good look at how these warband members get inspired.

“All of the fighters in this warband (yes, even the crab) Inspire at the same time on turn two, giving the Idoneth a powerful early game to thrust into enemy territory, but they also un-Inspire soon afterwards on turn three. A canny commander of these aelven soul-thieves must be ready to make the most of their brief power-up, before crashing down on their opponents like a wave.”

So just keep that in mind when you’re playing with or against them – turn two is going to be a power turn for sure.


Up next we have Fuirann. She’s a member of the Ishlaen Guard and a fierce warriors in her own right. What epic deeds did the Crab do to win her loyalty? One can only assume it was epic, indeed. She makes an excellent attacker in service to her Crab-overlord thanks to her Hunter keyword and her solid stats.

Tammael is up next. Packing a harpoon, he’s a great fighter to have cover your flanks or even as a rearguard. You don’t want the enemy sneaking up behind our dear Crab leader with a dirty trick attack, do you? Tammael certainly doesn’t – and no one will with him on guard!


Spinefin isn’t so much a fighter as much as it is annoying. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s just there to block hexes and, well, be a problem. Do you really want to spend an attack on this dumb fish? It’s just going to pop back up later anyhow? But it does mean you can’t move through those hexes…which is kind of the point.

And finally we get to the real hero of this warband: Duinclaw. Sure, he’s listed as a “beast” and can’t get Attack action upgrades or hold objectives – but do you think a KING would do such pesant work? No, leave that to the “fighters” and the “hunters” while this mighty crab sit majestic on his coral throne! Also, Duinclaw will actually mess a target up with that crushing claw…so there is that!

The Rest of the Cards

If you’d like to see ALL the cards, check them out at the link here. Here’s a few of the Warband specific cards to tide you over.



Elathain’s Soulraid are coming to pre-order this Saturday.


Hail to the Crab-king, baby.

Author: Adam Harrison
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