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Watch as a Pile of Copper Rings Transforms Into a Chainmail Shirt

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Jun 12 2021

Creating chainmail is an art – watch as 25 pounds of rings get turned into a shiny, protective shirt.

There are examples of chainmail from as far back as the 4th century BC and was used as effective armor in many cultures. These days you can find it in suits used for diving with sharks, butcher’s shops, goth clubs, Renaissance fairs, SCA battles, and historical weapons competitions. It’s a versatile, timeless protector that can be super fashionable.

Photographer Evan Snider decided he wanted to make his own chainmail shirt. Using no pattern, and having little experience with creating large pieces beforehand he linked 25lbs of copper rings into a wearable piece of art.


Construction took about 66 hours in real time – this video compresses it down to under 30 minutes with an eclectic selection of music. It’s mesmerizing to watch as all of the pieces come together.

Author: Mars Garrett
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