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Age of Sigmar: New ‘Dragonith’ Models Revealed – Dragons Return To The Moral Realms

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Jul 26 2021
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Oh SNAP! Take that Kragnos – the Dragonith are back and ready to throw down with some amazing new Models!

Get ready to have your mind blown. Beyond these lines, there be DRAGONS.

via Warhammer Community


“That’s right. The dragons – or Draconith, as they’re known in these parts – are back, and as you can see, they’re huge. A mainstay of the World-That-Was, and instrumental in the formation of the Mortal Realms and to Sigmar’s place within them, the Draconith disappeared from the realms after a certain End of Empires  stamped on all their eggs. And for a long, long while, that was that. But then then Seraphon hatched a plan – and more besides – to tip the scales of victory back in favour of the forces of Order.”

Meet The Dragons

This is Krondys, Son of Dracothion. He’s a member of Sigmar’s innercircle and is described as “majestic, wise, and immensely powerful.” And well, yeah! Look at him! And that armor he’s wearing isn’t just for show either:

“Krondys also bears the Regalia Fulmentaris around his neck – a piece of armour that magnifies his substantial magical abilities.”


I like the little smirk on this face! It’s an impressive model and I am feeling like GW is tempting me to start a new Stormcast Eternal Army with this model. But guess what – this isn’t the only version of a Draconith!

This is Karazai the Scarred. You can tell on account of his scar on this side and face. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that Sigmar was friendly with dragons and that they had an invite to hang out with the Stormcasts.

“Karazai has been scouring Ghur, seeking vengeance for his scrambled kin and wreaking havoc on the forces of Destruction. When a dragon spends too long in the Realm of Beasts, though, a little of that realm may also find its way into the dragon, and thus it is that Karazai has become a bitter and violent creature – all but consumed with wrath and revenge. “

Uh oh. Well I’m sure that won’t cause any problems down the line, right? A Dragon running rampant in Ghur, the Realm of Beasts. Yeah, should be fine.

In anycase, I’m personally very excited about some new Dragon-type models in Age of Sigmar. It’s been a long, LONG wait for some new dragons and GW has been teasing their existence for a while. It seemed like the smaller dragon-type models were just a teaser and now…well, we’ve got a new batch coming!


Anyone else getting excited about the return of these awesome Dragons!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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