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Can You Spot The 80s D&D Cartoon In This Map From The Witchlight

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Jul 24 2021

There’s a not-so-secret nod to the 80s D&D Cartoon in the latest book–you can find it on this sneak preview map if you look closely enough.

That’s right folks, buried in the upcoming book The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure¬†you’ll find a subtle reference to the old D&D cartoon, whose brightly colored antics were the introduction of many a player to the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons.

If you’ve never watched it, it was a pretty classic isekai series: a group of teens out at a carnival go for a ride on a spooky looking attraction and get sucked into the magical realm of Dungeons and Dragons where they are pursued by an evil demigod who wants their power and helped by the kindly Dungeon Master on their quest. They’re each given magic items that grant them magical powers–though ultimately, the greatest magic is friendship. Well, actually the greatest magic of all is Chronomancy, but they don’t feature that in the cartoon, so you know, friendship will have to suffice.


It’s a fantastic series which earns its reputation, though of course it was not without its haters in the more cynical 90s when grit and pockets and guns were the order of the day. At any rate, there are more than a few references to the 80s cartoon series in the upcoming adventure, including the return of characters like Warduke and Kelek and Strongheart, but if you look closely you’ll find a few lying in plain sight. Take a look at this large scale map of the Witchlight carnival, taken from the preview website for D&D Live:

Did you see it? It’s not the most obvious. Here take a look at the first minute or so.


So what happens if your D&D characters go through the ride that takes you to D&D? Is that how you go through to the Feywild? Or is that how your D&D characters end up crossing over into the real world, kind of like at the end of the Gamers?

What do you think happens if you go through that tunnel?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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