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D&D Accessories: Artificer’s Tools

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Jul 20 2021

Gears, goggles, and robotics with a fantasy twist are the artificer aesthetic if you’re looking for a way to bring a little more of that to your game table.

Artificers are a surprisingly popular class in D&D with an unmistakable aesthetic. A little fantasy and a little steampunk, there are so many ways to do Artificer right and I would argue no wrong way to go about styling yours. And with these Artificer-themed D&D accessories, your character will be inspired to tinker better and build more constructs. As always, links to buy are in the item titles.


Artificer’s Dice Tower

I always love a good dice tower. They mix the function of a dice roller with the pretty centerpiece of a cool tower for your party to look at while you build robots and dungeon crawl. This one comes in a variety of metallic print filaments with painted embellishments and comes with a not pictured dice tray to keep your dice from rolling through the tower and onto the floor.


Steampunk Gear Dice

Throwing a gear on it and calling it steampunk is such an aesthetic trope that it became a joke years ago, yet anytime I see something decorated with gold or bronze gears I immediately know what sort of vibe the person was going for. In this case, clear resin with cogs and gears and gold numbering immediately makes me think of my artificer character and her pockets full of loose gears and tools.



Raccoon Artificer Pin

Whether you have a tabletop night bag or a pin jacket, this raccoon artificer pin should have a place on it. How does the raccoon know how to build that gauntlet? Where did it get goggles in its size? Is this a player character’s familiar or a druid artificer duel class of some kind? I don’t know and I don’t need to know to love him and want one for my enamel pin collection. And yes, there is an entire set featuring other adorable animals as the various D&D classes.


Artificer’s Dice Jail

If your dice are acting up and you don’t have a jail to put them in, why not have your artificer build a robo dice jail? The top easily swings open to reveal an opening big enough to multiple full sets of misbehaving dice, and the design makes it look like a little construct that will follow you around the adventure until you’re ready to give these dice another shot. Each is custom cut from 1/8 MDF board so they’re lightweight but sturdy enough to keep all of your offending dice thinking about what they did.


Automaton Dice Box


The first thing I thought of when I saw this dice box were the killer robots from Breath of the Wild, and hopefully this automaton dice box will keep your dice just as safe as one of those guard robots. Complete with a lid for travel and your choice of colors, your friendly tabletop construct will always know where your dice are for when you need them – that is unless they’re in your other tabletop construct jail.


What tools do you think are a requirement for anyone playing an artificer? Will any of our picks make your wish list? What’s your artificer’s go-to aesthetic and would they like any of these robots or constructs? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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