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D&D: A Verdant Tomb Continues The Adventures In Forgotten Realm Saga

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Jul 17 2021

Magic: the Gathering’s new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons has arrived, and with it comes a twisting trip to a verdant tomb.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Magic: the Gathering’s latest set, is full of all sorts of iconic D&D moments–but inspiration is a two-way street, and Magic: the Gathering is bringing its own unique spin on an adventure to D&D. Written by the Magic team, the AFR series replaces the usual short fiction that would appear alongside a new set’s release. Instead of reading stories about Planeswalkers and their misadventures, you get to play through one.

In this adventure that offers up thrills and chills for 9th level adventurers, the party is in pursuit of a powerful wizard who is he descendant of a planeswalker and whose hunger for power knows no bounds. It builds off of the previous two adventures, which have been slowly foreshadowing the eventual appearance of Tyreus the Tresspasser. It’s a great example of pacing, and how to have a villain that doesn’t immediately get killed by the party in the first four rounds of combat.


And what a villain Tyreus makes in this adventure. This adventure involves a secret treasure hunt for a powerful artifact known as the keystones of creation–and while the party might encounter Tyreus, they don’t get a chance to fight him. Not yet.

It’s seriously worth checking out if you’re looking for a good example of how to build a threat over a few different sessions. Especially when it can feel hard to draw out the encounter. A Verdant Tomb also plays up some of the aspects of Magic: the Gathering that have made their way into the D&D side of the adventure, including special planar spells and exploration. Definitely worth checking out, so grab it below!

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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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