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D&D Live Dispatch – Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Brings Draconians And Great Wyrms To 5E

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Jul 16 2021

D&D Live showcased many things today–but perhaps one of the best was the sheer amount of draconic power in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is all the rage today, along with The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: A Feywild Adventure. With D&D Live going on, we’ve gotten a closer look at what awaits you in the September and October books. Both books do a stellar job of grabbing the nostalgia for D&D of the past and blending it with an outlook borne of the future. What do I mean? Old and new come together for some books that have us excited.

Right now we’re looking at everything we know about Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

The biggest, most obvious takeaway is that the book is all about dragons, but it’s not about dragons in any generic D&D world, but about dragons in every D&D world. Which is not just a cutesy marketing phrase, but is an indicator that here you’ll find that dragon content from the setting you hunger for. Wanna find gemstone dragons? This is it. Same for Krynn’s draconians.

In terms of the overall shape of things, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is a lot like Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes or Volo’s Guide to Monsters. It’s about 1/3 player info,  1/3 DM tools/lore, and 1/3 monsters and statblocks. That last third does some heavy lifting though. Here’s a sampling of that, from today’s reveals:

  • DM Tools
    • Dragon lair maps
    • Tables of personality traits
  • Dragon Lore
    • Draconic “echoes” across the multiverse: dragons have echoes on other worlds, one in the Forgotten Realms might have an echo in the world of Greyhawk. It can develop the sense of dragonsight to communicate with its echo, and if they combine together, they become a Great Wyrm.
    • Detailed information on 20 different dragon types
    • The First World – a sort of “prime” prime material plane created and destroyed–in part–by Bahamut and Tiamat
    • New lore about lairs and hoards belonging to each type of dragon, including new ways that hoards connect dragoms to the Material Plane
    • New Gleamstone/Moonstone dragons, associated with the Feywild
  • Character Options

  • Dragons
    • Gem dragons are back baybee, with entries for amethyst, crystal, emerald, sapphire, and topaz
    • Great Wyrms–the most powerful dragons. Older dnd stronger than even ancient dragons, fighting one uses the Mythic Monster rules, so you’re in for a battle when you face one down.

  • More dragon turtles! Including dragon turtle age varieties
  • Draconians
  • Aspects/avatars of dragon gods
  • Dragon minions
  • Tiny drakes
  • Wyverns
  • Dracohydra
  • Elder brain dragon
  • Dragon-sized hoarde mimic

All this awaits you in the new book!

Stay tuned for more from D&D Live

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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