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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Charadon May Fix Chaos Marines

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Jul 5 2021

Goatboy here with what I think Warzone Charadon 2 will do to add to the Glory of Chaos!

Wow, it has been a bit since we got some sweet sweet 40k info.  I know it is all about the new AoS 3.0 coming out and we have to wait a bit to let all that goodness settle, get released, and finally finish so we can be worried about whatever broken nonsense rears its ugly head.  But – we did some info with some Ork tidbits and the actual Bel’Akor 40k release (Warzone Charadon).  Overall I am pretty excited because we might get some good Chaos stuff.

Be’lakor – At Last!

First of all – I am still waiting on my Bel’Akor to come in.  It has been a long time and I am pretty bummed my Daemon Prince collection is lacking that giant original evil jerk.  I know I will get him some time but it still hurts what little heart I have left inside my bitter CSM chest.  I just want to get that guy here in my cave, throw some paint on him, and hopefully find some kind of list that works with him.  Speaking of lists – it looks like we are finally getting the comboed army list full of CSM, Daemons, and whatever other nonsense we want to throw in.

Now will this be any good?  I have no clue.  I get the feeling all the Strats the army list will have access too will just be the single page ones that will show up in the new rust book. I would love it to be some kind of combo of all the options – but we know that leads us to having some funky interactions.  Or maybe it doesn’t matter as they lose all their main Legion/Daemon keywords for Best Friends of Bel’Akor.  I am not sure and will see how complicated they make it.

CSMs & Renegades

Of course – this is all a moot point if there isn’t an update that somehow grafts an extra wound on a few Chaos Space Marine things.  Looking back at the book you can see the following units that need an update if they planned on keeping them in the book.  Chaos Terminators, Chaos Space Marines, Zerks, Noise Marines, Plague Marines, Chosen, T Sons, Chaos Bikers, Raptors, Warp Talons, and Havoks.  We know how Plague Marines look and I expect a copy and paste job there with the limitation of 10 models.  That is the biggest thing will see gone as a lot of these units get really funky if they get up to 20 man squads with 2 wounds apiece.  If you notice all the 20 man mobs are sitting pretty at one wound but leaving CSM 1 wound is pretty mean right now as you don’t want to see Goatboy ugly cry in a video asking GW to bring the sexy back to Chaos Space Marines.


The other weird thing from the little release is the idea that 7 traitor legions with some Renegades are going to show up too?  Now is this a copy and paste from the old Psychic Awakening book with pieces removed to line up with the current edition of 40k?  Is this going to simplify it a bit more as the Death Guards plague companies did?  I am hoping we see each Legion get a full set of Warlord Traits, Relics, Strats, Psychic Powers, and maybe even some kind of cascading option if the whole army is the same.  Heck, I would love this Rust book to be a must-buy for all those Chaos Space Marine players that bring that army to every event hoping to warp time some Terminators into your enemies line and double shoot to infinity with your Noise Marines.

Chaos, I’ve Missed You!

There is a lot of hope resting on this book and while I am hoping for the best the biggest drive is that when we get these books it usually gives portent to what is coming out next.  The only thing from the first Rust book that was missing is Knights – and I bet there is a simple book coming at some point.  That is the hope in all of this is that Rust is being used to either preview upcoming things or just add a tiny bit of fun.  We’ll see what shows up.

So long, suckers!

I love the new 2CP strat that lets you ignore a failed saving throw.  It’s those things that can help make or break a game and let you keep your big monster alive from the terrible new Lascannons of doom that are showing up.  I have no clue if this army will do well with the new Admech nonsense but it does help keep things alive for that much-needed turn 2 damage potential.  I think these sorts of protection things are needed in this game as it has just gotten way to deadly lately for your big monsters to walk back home at night.  A stray Lascannon comes ripping out of an alley as your poor little Morty just wants to get home and catch an episode of Rick and Morty on that Adultswim.

I’m so glad to hear the new book is on the way – finally.  I wonder if the boat that was stuck in the Canal had a ton of Bel’Akor’s, some Rust books, and other fun releases ready to tickle my fancy and bring me back fully to the Chaos side of things.  Or it could all just be some smoke billowing out of the shadow form of Mr. Bel’akor like some secret bad guy.


Either way I am excited and just ready to finally get some new CSM stuff for once.

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