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Warhammer 40K RUMORS – Horus Heresy Moving to Plastic, New Home

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Jul 1 2021
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There’s a set of rumors doing the rounds that says GW is planning a monster shakeup for the entire Horus Heresy range.

You will remember that a few weeks back, we got images from what looks like a new Horus Heresy boxed set:

via Facebook’s Fluff King

“So – would anyone like to see some pics of the new Horus Heresy boxset due out……soon?


Plastic Mk6
New Plastic Contemptor
Plastic Spartan
Possible plastic characters (heralds/praetors?)
And some Cataphractii.

No? Nobody? Ok well here’s some pics anyway.”

The Pics

Mk VI Beakies!


Mk VI Beakies with officers.


Spartan (maybe plastic!)

Horus Heresy Rumors

It sounds like that is only the beginning. Here’s what’s doing the rounds today from numerous industry professionals:

  • The Horus Heresy range will be getting a major release later in the year.
  • It will receive a massive rules overhaul at the same time. (contradictory chatter says 9th Edition ruleset)
  • The core units of the Horus Heresy range will be moved to plastic over time.
  • The Horus Heresy Range will move from Forge World’s control, over to the main GW Design Studio


I have to say that this is long overdue. The decision to stick with 7th Edition for 30K while the main body of 40K moved forward made it a dead end, difficult to support, and even harder to recruit new players. I would bet that GW will move the 30K universe over to 9th Edition, so make player overlap and cross-pollination much easier.

Once you get into the kits, 30K has a giant range of fantastic designs (mainly vehicles) that would be amazing in plastic (like that Spartan up there).  The reference to only  “core units” moving only to the main studio is the real interesting point. The question would be exactly where would GW set the dividing line. Think about the following categories of units:

  • 30K vehicles
  • 30K infantry units
  • 30K primarchs
  • 30K characters
  • 30K weapon upgrade packs

I would assume things like the vehicles, units, and Primarchs moving over for sure to plastic, with characters and upgrade packs staying FW.

~Would you make the jump to 30K if it moved to plastic with 9th Ed. rules?


Author: Larry Vela
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