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How to Make a Gorgeous Resin Axe & Dagger

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Jul 3 2021

Create this unique ice ax in a weekend using easy-to-find materials.

Fabricating this glass-like axe is more time-intensive than difficult, and only requires materials and tools you can pick up easily at your local hobby and hardware store. It will add another level to your cosplays and look great on a display shelf in your game room. This could also be a wonderful GM gift at the end of a long campaign.

The folks over on the How To channel work a lot with resin – creating fun dioramas, beautiful crystalline sculptures, and cosplay and display weapons with common tools/materials anyone can pick up. This axe is, though it looks complex, isn’t a difficult project – especially if you have experience with using resin.

Its unique look comes from using wood bark and dye. It’s shaped using a mold made of foam and clay. The most exotic tool used is an electric buffer to get the glass polish on the finished piece, which is an easy-to-find drill bit attachment.


It’s very customizable. You can take the base idea and add other textures using objects. I think chains, leaves, or mementos would look cool. Other colors – it’s pretty endless once you have your form built.

This tutorial uses similar techniques and materials to build a dagger with a polymer clay handle that could be used for any number of cosplays or as a prop for your RPG adventures.


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