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MTG: Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Makes Magic 2nd-Person Spectacular

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Jul 1 2021
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Many new cards introduced in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms capture the moments when a DM prompts players with a dilemma. What do YOU do?

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is rapidly becoming my favorite new Magic: the Gathering set, and though it’s considered non-canon for the events in its corner of Magic’s multiverse (meaning that we’ll never see Liliana try to outdo Vecna officially) there’s so much about it that really shines. Including and especially those moments that capture D&D mechanics and meta-moments in card form. One of the standouts is the interpretation of a DM prompt, typically the moment when a DM sets the players up with a situation like “you come to the edge of a river, what do you do?”

And like those moments in D&D, the Magic cards that embody these moments give players a choice of what to do. You decide what seems like the appropriate spot based on the needs you have at the moment. It’s not exactly roleplaying, but it fits the outline quite well–it definitely feels like “playing D&D in Magic.” What more could you want? Here are the “You… ” cards we’ve seen spoiled so far. Take a look.

You’re Ambushed on the Road is a classic white card that provides a quick buff to a crowd of small creatures, or that lets you keep something very important safe in your hand.

You Hear Something on Watch is a situation many an adventurer will be familiar with, and is once again, a great way to buff your creatures or to burn down something big in a pinch.


Here’s the card that gives us our example–and what a buff it is, either disrupt some tempo, somewhere, or give yourself a sneaky way to get some damage through. Combine that with something like the Vorpal Sword’s ability, and you have a game-winning combo right there.

This is just an amazing option, whatever choice you make, it’s the correct one for the moment.

What would you do with a camp full of gnolls? Intimidate them, probably, but that +3/+1 is going to come in handy more often than you’d think.


Ah the prisoner’s dilemma–wait that’s already a thing isn’t it–but the question is, do you remove your opponent’s vorpal sword or do you exile it from the top of their library and cast it as though it were your own.

Finally, a card that gets it. You can befriend those goblins, as any good D&D player would.

We close out with You Happen on a Glade, which is the perennial question many a party faces, do we stop to make camp now or do we press on and make the Warlock sad?

Happy Adventuring!


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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